Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What craziest thing you done lately?

It was Christmas eve yesterday........
Initially I was just thinking to watch some anime, have a chat with friends and call it a night.
It is boring, isn't it......Well I'm guess I'm really a boring person after all.......

Suddenly around 11pm, someone suggested to go Genting Highlands and count down !!!!
So I suddenly remember the movie, "Girl Next Door".
The dialogue, "What craziest thing you done lately?"
Without a doubt, "let's go Genting!!!!"

We reached there around 12am and it was cold...I was wearing t-shirt and short pants.......crazy eh? haha
It was tough to get a car park there.

Went into First World hotel and enjoy the performance brought by the presentators.
There were a band, break dancers, an old guy singing songs that I don't know and it end around 2:30am......
Kinda fun actually, jump around and sing together.
Din know Beyond cantonese songs were so famous, those malay singers know how to sing them!!!!

Reached home at 3:30am.......it was tiring..........

Woke up 11am today and I cooked some dishes.
Even though it wasn't that good but I will try to improve, at least it can put into the mouth. Haha

Those great time was together with Teik Hui, Han Wei and Shi Yin.
All of us having fun together this 2 days.

Time to get back to "anime" session.

Monday, December 24, 2007

23 December 2007

It was a surprising day.
My 3 housemates [Mary, Han Wei, Shi Yin] cooked and prepared the dinner.
I prepared the rice while Teik Hui no where to be seen.....tidur kot....

The meal was nice.
The soup was "fantastic".
The eggs + mushroom was something new to me.
The pototaes were "sexy". I guess Han Wei like sun light a lot, put too much black sauce in it. haha

It was a pleasant meal, unexpected but turned out great!
So kudos to all the 3 ladies !!!!

Next weekend, it will be our Teik Hui to become the cook.
Stay tune everyone, I will try to upload some photos of what Teik Hui will cook by then

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2 weeks++ in Ranhill Worleyparsons

Pipelines department here, is a heaven for people like me.

1st day, I saw engineers ate in the office. HOD came and shared together.

Then when I moved to level 16, Encik Samad always makan kacang.....HOD came by and took some too. I was like, sangat suka makan ke?

2nd week, suddenly received email from an engineer.
"Please come take ur cake at level 14". Reach there and found out Secret Recipe having promotion, buy 1 free 1. They bought 2, total 4 !!!!
Syok man !!!!!!

During presentation, they prepared cakes/coffee for all throughout the presentation.
So its actually a presentation or food sharing session?

When I dropped by level 14 during the evening, suddenly I saw a plate of honeydew......
Mana dapat ni......honeydew pun ada.

Just now, pipelines department having birthday celebration for december birthday girl/boy. 2 secret recipe cakes again.....my stomach full somemore.....feel so great......never had such feeling since came to KL. Sad eh....what to do....allowance little, rental expensive......

Tomorrow, it will be birthday celebration for december birthday girl/boy for level 14.
I heard it will have a lot more food by then, perhaps 2 more secret recipe cakes? mana cukup...beli lah 6. haha

15 minutes later, can leave the office d.
I have 4 very funny housemates, wonder what funny thing they will do. haha

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ranhill Worleyparsons

Already in Ranhill Worleyparsons for more than a week.

Feel good here, atmosphere great. Nothing to complain about.

In the mid of 2nd week, I already being assigned into 2 tasks. Feel grateful as I'm not being treat as an office boy who will do the photostat job, sending letters from department to another department, etc.

Get to know my mentor later, hopefully she'll guide me throughout the remaining 30 weeks I'm here. Everyone is nice in the department, they willing to teach and help as it will help me a lot throughout the whole internship period.
Everyday looking at the traffic light of the intersection between Jalan Ampang and Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, frequently see busses/cars stop at the middle of roads and causing traffic jam.
I guess every big metropolitan should have this kind of phenomena.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Exam Finish

Finally, I finished all my 6 papers this semester.
What a relieved.

Reach home, feel great.
Want to have a good rest and enjoy my one week holiday.
Now my friends, where are you? Call me out!!!

For my juniors who still working hard for the exam, ganbateh ne!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Feel lost

Feel lost studying the blardy hell VIBRATION.
To me, its the toughest subject this semester.

I have no clue what is it all about and I gonna take the final on Monday.
Hopefully the tips from lecturer works.

And do well for the remaining other 2 papers.

Just a shoutout on Saturday night, 17th November.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

8 Nov, Deepavali

Have a great Deepavali this year, went to a coursemate's house and had a great meal.

Went there with Chee Yan and Fathelraman (he is sudanese btw), Fathelraman was very interested in local culture. He took a lot photos.

After sometime we arrived and had our meal which were like mutton (yes, I love mutton !!!!), thosai, edli, curry chicken, a group of indian friends from UTP arrived as well.

We chat along, talk together. It was fun.

Now to the main purpose of this post, (I always keep the best for the last) we always see that other race having open house on Hari Raya or Deepavali, they don't ask for ur present/money when u come (some still accept it anyway) but they just prepare good food and let all people have fun together.
How about Chinese? (yes shame on u chinese....I'm one of them too)
How often u having open house? CNY? Do u invite ur malay/indian friends to your house? Have you?

When chinese having a wedding dinner, people will label them as "money sucker". Wallet gonna have a big hole.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Final day of the lecture week

Feel quite relieved. Managed to finish 3 projects and 2 tests this week.

A project with viva next week though. Wonder if we can finish the Automatic Fire Extinguisher on time or not....

Vibration lecturer another sucker, I guess he gonna cancel Test 2 and replaces with homework to save his ass. Never know how to teach, I might well go complain at head department.
Just knew that Dr. Moti will retired soon, wish him all the best and I will miss his lecture. He's among the best lecturer in Mechanical Engineering department.

Fall sick, doesn't feel well.
Please let me go all over this peacefully, I prefer to go internship than studying.
Want to change environment, Ranhill Worleyparsons here I come !!!