Thursday, November 22, 2007

Exam Finish

Finally, I finished all my 6 papers this semester.
What a relieved.

Reach home, feel great.
Want to have a good rest and enjoy my one week holiday.
Now my friends, where are you? Call me out!!!

For my juniors who still working hard for the exam, ganbateh ne!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Feel lost

Feel lost studying the blardy hell VIBRATION.
To me, its the toughest subject this semester.

I have no clue what is it all about and I gonna take the final on Monday.
Hopefully the tips from lecturer works.

And do well for the remaining other 2 papers.

Just a shoutout on Saturday night, 17th November.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

8 Nov, Deepavali

Have a great Deepavali this year, went to a coursemate's house and had a great meal.

Went there with Chee Yan and Fathelraman (he is sudanese btw), Fathelraman was very interested in local culture. He took a lot photos.

After sometime we arrived and had our meal which were like mutton (yes, I love mutton !!!!), thosai, edli, curry chicken, a group of indian friends from UTP arrived as well.

We chat along, talk together. It was fun.

Now to the main purpose of this post, (I always keep the best for the last) we always see that other race having open house on Hari Raya or Deepavali, they don't ask for ur present/money when u come (some still accept it anyway) but they just prepare good food and let all people have fun together.
How about Chinese? (yes shame on u chinese....I'm one of them too)
How often u having open house? CNY? Do u invite ur malay/indian friends to your house? Have you?

When chinese having a wedding dinner, people will label them as "money sucker". Wallet gonna have a big hole.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Final day of the lecture week

Feel quite relieved. Managed to finish 3 projects and 2 tests this week.

A project with viva next week though. Wonder if we can finish the Automatic Fire Extinguisher on time or not....

Vibration lecturer another sucker, I guess he gonna cancel Test 2 and replaces with homework to save his ass. Never know how to teach, I might well go complain at head department.
Just knew that Dr. Moti will retired soon, wish him all the best and I will miss his lecture. He's among the best lecturer in Mechanical Engineering department.

Fall sick, doesn't feel well.
Please let me go all over this peacefully, I prefer to go internship than studying.
Want to change environment, Ranhill Worleyparsons here I come !!!