Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2 weeks++ in Ranhill Worleyparsons

Pipelines department here, is a heaven for people like me.

1st day, I saw engineers ate in the office. HOD came and shared together.

Then when I moved to level 16, Encik Samad always makan kacang.....HOD came by and took some too. I was like, sangat suka makan ke?

2nd week, suddenly received email from an engineer.
"Please come take ur cake at level 14". Reach there and found out Secret Recipe having promotion, buy 1 free 1. They bought 2, total 4 !!!!
Syok man !!!!!!

During presentation, they prepared cakes/coffee for all throughout the presentation.
So its actually a presentation or food sharing session?

When I dropped by level 14 during the evening, suddenly I saw a plate of honeydew......
Mana dapat ni......honeydew pun ada.

Just now, pipelines department having birthday celebration for december birthday girl/boy. 2 secret recipe cakes again.....my stomach full somemore.....feel so great......never had such feeling since came to KL. Sad eh....what to do....allowance little, rental expensive......

Tomorrow, it will be birthday celebration for december birthday girl/boy for level 14.
I heard it will have a lot more food by then, perhaps 2 more secret recipe cakes? mana cukup...beli lah 6. haha

15 minutes later, can leave the office d.
I have 4 very funny housemates, wonder what funny thing they will do. haha

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