Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What craziest thing you done lately?

It was Christmas eve yesterday........
Initially I was just thinking to watch some anime, have a chat with friends and call it a night.
It is boring, isn't it......Well I'm guess I'm really a boring person after all.......

Suddenly around 11pm, someone suggested to go Genting Highlands and count down !!!!
So I suddenly remember the movie, "Girl Next Door".
The dialogue, "What craziest thing you done lately?"
Without a doubt, "let's go Genting!!!!"

We reached there around 12am and it was cold...I was wearing t-shirt and short pants.......crazy eh? haha
It was tough to get a car park there.

Went into First World hotel and enjoy the performance brought by the presentators.
There were a band, break dancers, an old guy singing songs that I don't know and it end around 2:30am......
Kinda fun actually, jump around and sing together.
Din know Beyond cantonese songs were so famous, those malay singers know how to sing them!!!!

Reached home at 3:30am.......it was tiring..........

Woke up 11am today and I cooked some dishes.
Even though it wasn't that good but I will try to improve, at least it can put into the mouth. Haha

Those great time was together with Teik Hui, Han Wei and Shi Yin.
All of us having fun together this 2 days.

Time to get back to "anime" session.

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