Thursday, January 03, 2008


I played basketball for the first time yesterday since I came to KL.

I must admit that I no more as good as I was before this.

My stamina sux, I feel my body is aching now.....
Maybe age catching up? nah.......I still very young.

Gonna play more to get back to what I capable of.


mei said...

well well..kha loon, i'm impressed! u've been quite consistent with ur blogs(unlike me).i've read through a lot.Glad that u're not suffering in ur intern.^^ even had time to write blogs 15 mins b4 office hour ends..haha.anyway, am i lucky number 1 to post a comment? u zhap dou ler..=) far so good is it? maybe those secret recipe cakes are affecting ur basketball skills. eat less la but should eat more fruits. =p

*regards, mei le

KhaLoon said...

enjoy my every second here. :)
ya, you the first one. I memang zhap dou !!!!!!
basketball skills play depend on mood, now concentrating on learning swimming and guitar