Thursday, January 24, 2008

Outing Session at 1U

Went out on 23rd Jan with 4 friends.
They were Li Yen, Teik Hui, Chee Yan and Khar Yau.

We went to 1 Utama for movie and hang kai kai.
Teik Hui insisted to watch "Cloverfield", so another 4 of us just follow.
I did read some review of the movie and many people complained they were dizzy after watched the movie which made me freak out !!!!!!

After bought the ticket, we walked around 1U looking for food.
Khar Yau recommended for a meal at a burger shop. At first I thought its Burger King but it is Carl's Junior actually.
When we found the shop, I was surprised/shocked to look at the price.......
Crap man........almost all burgers cost over RM20 and that consider a lot !!!!
I wonder how big can the burger be.
When the burger arrived, its really freak me out !!!!!
It was so big, fries were a mountain [fries of 5 people!!!!] with more than 10 packs of chili of it were was in Li Yen's hp, will try to upload if possible.
It was a pleasant meal, ya....very pleasant. I hardly able to move after finished the food.
Well spent meal if you ask me :P

Went to the cinema then, was shocked when read the notice
"some people may feel dizzyness while watching the movie - Cloverfield!!!".......
then 4 of us just keep looking at Teik Hui....

To me, Cloverfield doesn't worth my money spent on it.
RM11 feel like wasted. It cause me slight dizzy, 3 girls sat right to me cabut half way through the show.
Li Yen took short nap in the middle of the movie.
The ending of the movie was crap!
It was funny at the end of the movie, people behind shouted "apa movie ini, cilaka betul....ending sux....wasted my RM11".
So to my friend who yet to watch the movie, please avoid it.
RM11 for a less than 90minutes and it will cause u dizzy, storyline not appealing........please just forget it.

Later on, we walked around for shopping.......Li Yen [the GIRL] bought some stuff finally and she was glad......we were glad too....phew.......

Reached home late and it was tiring.......

Final words....Carl's Junior burger CUN !!!

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