Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pipeline Movie Day

Went to TGV KLCC yesterday with colleagues.
They are Tini, Akmar, Alvin, Visant, Sujata, Siti, Ezwan, Acap, Aida

The movie -- JUMPER was quite good.
The storyline seriously not bad, simple n nice.

Just get to know that the food court named "Signature". lol
Never expect for a food court to be named so.

Going to Port Dickson this weekend, hopefully can have real fun over there.

Bought 7x Intel E2160 CPU, gonna get some asrock motherboard and build some low budget high performance office computers.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

General Election

Parliament just dissolved today.

Its time to cast my first ever vote for general election.
I'm here to hope all people who eligible to vote, please go and vote.

For those stubborn people who already 21-year-old, please go and register yourself to be an eligible voter. Every vote can make a difference. Its your responsibility to cast a vote.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chor 4, Liman Kati

Sunday. 10th of February, 4th day of CNY 2008.

Went to Liman Kati.....
Visit some families, surprisingly it was very quiet there.
Managed to get some angpau though........
Won RM2 through gamble....first time win money this year.

Mr. Lee, Shu Qi were not there at home......even Mr. Lim (grocery shop owner) not there....

When I was roaming around in my cars, hardly notice people walking around the village....maybe the weather was too hot or all went to makan angin? It was so quiet.......

Went to Jerlun to visit Ngai Yoong later on.....Jerlun seem to be a nice place as well....
suddenly remind me of those days at Felda, Sungkai.....peaceful n nice.....

Traffic was terrible along the was awful on the federal highway......
only able to reach Ipoh by 8pm and took my dinner by then.

Watched the Manchester Derby and Manchester United lost the game.....
Going back to KL tomorrow...time to work harder