Friday, March 28, 2008

28 March 2008

In every different period of their life, everyone will have their respective role to play.
People should know when to ditch your current role, pass it to other and continue your life with a new role.
It is very important.

Isn't that how life go for everyone?
We could not afford to look back all the time, there's no time for it because there are so many things waiting for us in the future.
If you just keep on look back, you will forever stay stagnant.

Look further, plan well and proceed the plan efficiently will be the key to successs.
That's why there're always people who more successful than others, because they willing to look further, think wider and have a dream.
As long as there are dream, urge to success, he/she can go really far because he/she believe in something that others may not ever thinking of trying it. If you never ever dare to think about it, how far can you go?

Failure isn't shameful, as long as willing to learn from mistake and never repeat it again, that's what makes you a better person than the guy/lady next to you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Offshore Asia Exhibition - KL Convention Centre

Went there for 2 days.
Spent around a total of 6 hours there.

Get to know new technologies, especially related to deepwater pipelines system which is very much related to what I'm doing now in WorleyParsons.

Was very impressed with some of the technologies, why mat salleh have it while we don't have it? Why we always few steps behind other? Is moon really brighter oversea?

Highly interested at flexible pipelines technologies.
Technip Subsea 7, BPP Tech, 2HOffshore, etc

Deepwater Trenching system is something new to me as well.

The turret system offered by APL, which under BW Offshore.
And their HR executive, Miss Anna Hansen.
She's beautiful, it was a pleasant to meet and chat with her there.

It seem that now I more clear of what I should venture into after my graduation next year.
Its time to plan for wonderful years ahead.

If you have a dream, a goal, u'll always stand a chance to achieve it.
If u always thinking of failure and not to achieve any success, u won't go far.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 2008

I have moved from PV6 to PV5.
Different environment, different people but I'm the same old me.
The stubborn guy.

Last weekend was a memorable day for all Malaysians.
I believed it will be well remembered for the next few years.

12th General Election was held and Barisan Rakyat received a big win (well din get the majority anyway) but they managed to capture 5 states which to me a very good result.

Its time for Malaysia to change, to change into a place for Malaysians instead for just certain people.
Time to kick out all those barbarians who hinder the development of the country.

There is no reason where Malaysia always left behind in term of development.
The only culprit is the management of the country.

Khairy? I wonder how he won the election.
Pak Lah? Dia selalu tidur......apa lagi tahu buat. Even challenge Raja Perlis, itu consider BIADAP !

And thanks to BN, people thought that the leader (Menteri Besar, Chief Minister) will hold the veto power in deciding any state matter. Just because in previous government, everyone have to follow what UMNO decision, thus people never know how a Coalition works. No one is allow to condemn UMNO, or else you would have to resign. What kind of system is that?

Even Senator in US condemned Bush once a while and they still there, did they resign?

We need to change this for a better Malaysia, better future for us and our next generation.

Majulah RAKYAT untuk Malaysia !!!!

22nd - 24th February 2008

RWP Pipeline Team Building Programme
It was held at Ancasa Resort, Port Dickson.

A 3 days programme held by L&D (Learning & Development) Department.
It was fun!!!

Shared room with Visant, shared house with Fadir/Nazrin/Eddie/Ezwan.
All people are friendly, feel like a big family.

Did karaoke session as well, never expect to have karaoke session there!!!

Had some fun on the beach, swimming pool......Water polo isn't something for beginner like me, kena bully kao kao

Happy to be in team with Vahraz, Siti Fairoz, Norhafiza, Kak Rus, Nazrin, Adli, Salfaras, and "Abang" Azahari.

Team Rowing! Row Row Row!! Kapakin !