Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 2008

I have moved from PV6 to PV5.
Different environment, different people but I'm the same old me.
The stubborn guy.

Last weekend was a memorable day for all Malaysians.
I believed it will be well remembered for the next few years.

12th General Election was held and Barisan Rakyat received a big win (well din get the majority anyway) but they managed to capture 5 states which to me a very good result.

Its time for Malaysia to change, to change into a place for Malaysians instead for just certain people.
Time to kick out all those barbarians who hinder the development of the country.

There is no reason where Malaysia always left behind in term of development.
The only culprit is the management of the country.

Khairy? I wonder how he won the election.
Pak Lah? Dia selalu tidur......apa lagi tahu buat. Even challenge Raja Perlis, itu consider BIADAP !

And thanks to BN, people thought that the leader (Menteri Besar, Chief Minister) will hold the veto power in deciding any state matter. Just because in previous government, everyone have to follow what UMNO decision, thus people never know how a Coalition works. No one is allow to condemn UMNO, or else you would have to resign. What kind of system is that?

Even Senator in US condemned Bush once a while and they still there, did they resign?

We need to change this for a better Malaysia, better future for us and our next generation.

Majulah RAKYAT untuk Malaysia !!!!

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HanMing said... are right, its time for Malaysia to change. We need a clean, fair and transparent government.

Meaningful post, keep it on.