Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Industrial Training

What is the objective of industrial training?

To gain exposure of actual working world, to gain working culture and knowledge that maybe useful future study and when joining the working world.

It was sad to know when some people said, "Training? Trust me you will miss study more. The more you stay in the office, the more you want to go back to university and study, training is boring. Training is like go to office in the morning, and wait for lunch time, and the time to go home later in the evening".

To me, that's a terrible mindset.
We have to be very positive, treat it as a very good opportunity.
Grab whatever knowledge we can, learn as much as possible, we are trainee, we come here to learn, not to waste time !!!!
In the working world, there's no spoonfeed anymore. Everyone have to have the initiative to work hard in order to go far.
If you want to be the common one, just stick with your so called excellent mindset and hopefully you can go really far.

Gold does not drop from the sky but if you put some effort in it, there'll certainly a chance.
As long as there is a dream, there will be chance, and a chance for success!


Lynn Veron said...

1 of ur obj for ind. training is to kap lenglui but unfortunately...i think u shud hav come to Miri's Ranhill Worley. haha!

Kha Loon said...

Someone is too confident here.....
Someone is saying that only WorleyParsons Miri got lengluis......

Where other places tak ada......
u gonna have tons of enemies, my dear 00

alvincheng said...

This colleague of mine is very choosy. But no choice, since he is tall and handsome. Hehe