Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A weekend

Last weekend was kinda busy.
I went to 2 places, Brickfield and Starhill Gallery.

Went to visit Sujata with Visant, in Brickfield. Considering the location of it, near to transportation hub, it should be quite a costly condo.
Its not Ipoh anyway...where houses are cheap.

One thing weird though, it seem she doesn't like to take photos or worry of her families members being exposed to outside?
Had some curry chicken, some vege...and a lot chicken wings..........
Sujata and her mother keep asking me to eat.......
Her mother can speak very well cantonese, well its way better than most of my banana fan if you ask me.

Passby lowyat for a while, hand was itchy. Targetting 9600gt anyway, since it is the best bang for buck card nowadays. RM520 and you get performance near RM650 8800gt? not bad eh.
with the G94 core and inferior graphics option compared to G92 with awesome graphics option, it still perform so well....G94 core gonna be a big hit.

Now the main part of the last weekend.
Met up my cousin and their friends, we went to have a dinner at Jogoya.
For those who not really sure of Jogoya, please visit

Met elaine for the 2nd time, met Evon for the first time. Evon does really look pretty!!!!

The food there was nice.
It was my first time to try raw oyster, raw salmon fish, raw scallop, tempura, haagen dazs, baskin robbin........... I'm not really that generous when come to food most of the time......

I guess I gonna spend more for quality food in the future, provided I have strong economic power.

Get to know some friends more clearly lately, last time I told myself that they may not be like that bad, maybe they not in good mood? but it certainly not seem so.
Well not all people are god, people are selfish. Whatever they do, they put themselves at first place, everything that 'advantage' to them, that's most likely come into their mind at first. Tell me who don't? but till an extend, its too obvious.
Others know it when you trying to be fake, not all people gonna be cheated with the mask on your face.
Just because other din question you doesn't mean that others don't know or others accept you, just that others tolerate you.
Be mature, all the words from your mouth should be comparable to the age of yours. Do not talk like a small kid, that's not cute nor innocent, that's stupid. You found yourself being cute while others found you to be immature.

No people is god but if you want to be villain, please don't come near me. You won't get anything advantage, I'm villain killer, I'll crush you down. Do not test me!


kareen said...

someone so nice can eat jogoya! :P
i havent been there yet

Kha Loon said...

you know you can afford it..
dun hesitate anymore!!!
just go for it!!!