Friday, May 30, 2008

16th Floor - April & May Birthday Celebration, Farewell for Norhafiza

Birthday Celebration again. Makan lagi!!!!!!!
Well this show how Ranhill WorleyParsons care for their employees while I'm just lucky to be stationed at 28th floor, and one of the Pipeline team members where most of them stationed at 16th floor.

Below are the handsome guys and beautiful ladies from Pipeline Department.

Not to forget En. Ishak Salikin (Engineering Manager) and Mr. Simon Taylor (Chief Operating Officer), 2nd Taiko of the company.

After 5 months staying in RWP, Norhafiza gonna leave us for her own career advancement. All the best Fiza, I may feel the absent of you in the upcoming usually you arrive earlier than I do. I will miss ya!!!

Below is the present I collected today, handed over by our beloved COO, Mr. Simon Taylor!

I really love the cups, one with left handle while another with right handle.
A perfect present for a couple, if I have a girlfriend..........
Thanks Tinie for choosing such a lovely present. You are the most beautiful secretary I have ever meet.
The photos of the cup, most of them were taken using macro mode with flash to create an effect where the object is bright while the background in dim condition, with Fujifilm Finepix F31FD.

28th Floor - Empire Tower

KLCC View on Sunny Day

KLCC View on Rainy Day

Another window view

My Bosses at 28th Floor

Moments at 28th Floor

28th Floor - May Birthday Celebration

My precious internship experience.......More to come!!!
Stay tune!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ok folks who reading this, I know this is an old song but please bear with me.
I only know this song last Saturday, when watching American Idol.
At first I wonder what song is that, quite nice it seem and I saw Kum enjoy singing the song.

Thus I gave the song a try, never knew that I have Timberland's album since half year ago. Play the song, even though its short but I really like the rhythm of the song. Very interesting, the vocal very nice.

Found that Siti Fairuz likes the song too, I guess many people out there like this song.

"Its too late to apologise, its too late !!!!!!"

Saturday, May 24, 2008

GDO Paintball - 24th May 2008

This event was held by GDO [Graduate Development Organisation], Ranhill WorleyParsons Sdn. Bhd. with the collaboration of L&D [Learning & Development].

The event was held at MALAYSIAN PAINTBALL ACADEMY (MAPAAC), at Astaka Sport Complex.
The event instructor was Wei. He gave some briefing on safety approach for the game, rules and regulation of the game.
Met the another 3 instructors later.
They were Yaz, Fade and Shawn. They were really friendly and especially thanks to Shawn for sharing the tips to excel in the games.

Now back to games, first game we lost. Inexperience team, after I "killed" Raymond and I kena headshot!!!!! Not too bad anyway, at least I managed to hunt down a person.
The bullet "taste" yucky, well it came into my mouth without permission.....
Took a water to clean them off.
The 2nd game, we won. I was alive in that game.
The 3rd game, we won it again.
The 4th game, we should won it anyway as we finished most of it perfectly except that a member of our team took off the mask and we lost the game. Chill for the guy who took off the mask, I'm not blaming you for that. Haha.
The preliminary result was 2 won, 2 lose. Well not too bad I guess, for beginner team.

After that it was briefing session by instructors how to improve our games.
How to play properly, how to shoot properly, and tactics wise.
Shawn helped a lot in this session, he taught us how to shoot properly, where to stand, where to hide, how to shoot with both hands.

Semifinal, I was being "killed" as my cylinder (blocker) dropped off, I have no place to go and I chosen to rush. I guess that was a bad choice but thank god, our team still win it.

Final, the match was against L&D.
Tactic wise, it was very good.
We only lost a member where Asyraf, frontline warrior dropped out after heavy battle.
I'm the person at the base, managed to kill off a lady. I finished my bullet but eventually we clean sweep the match with only one warrior sacrificed.

Had my lunch there, it was McD BigMac. Collected the hamper, took photos with guys there and the instructors as well.

Even though it was a very tiring session, I really like it.
I had some bruises on my body. On my chest and stomach. It was a bit painful, still it was really fun.
My jeans get really dirty, my shirt get very smelly but still, I really enjoyed the event.
Thanks GDO for provided us such a chance.

For those who interested in playing or want to know more of paintball, please visit MAPAAC website and LunacyPaintball.
LunacyPaintball is team where Yaz/Fade/Shawn representing for the time being.

These were the photos I took today.

Friday, May 23, 2008

22nd May - Happy Birthday KhaLoon !!!

The early morning of 22nd May 2008 Malaysia time.
I was at D'Mamak Corner watching Uefa Champion League final.
Manchester United vs Chelsea, the match end up 1 - 1 full time, 6 - 5 after penalty shootout.
Manchester United won it!!!!!
I was jumping for joy at around 5:45am at mamak stall, tears of joy almost drop from my eyes.
It was very emotional, cause it happened on a special day. My birthday of 23, the best birthday present I can ask for. Had 4 hours sleep only that day, as I receiving a lot sms from my friends. The phone keep ringing till I had to off my message tone.
Thanks Pui Mei, Yeen Foo, Susan, Mee Kee, Wei Lun, Kah Yean, Chung Ginn, Choong Yew, Jean Hoo, Chooi Pin, Ju n Yip, Yuen Nee and many more. Not to forget my brother/sister/parents too. I love you all!!!!
Thanks for greeting on sms/friendster/facebook/email.

Thanks to Kak Rusniah for buying a cake for me and Visant. Photos below show activities we did at level 28 of Empire Tower. Thanks everyone !!!
Thanks Kak Rush for the POEM, I love it !

Thanks to my pals in Tmn Melati.
We had a great dinner at Secret Recipe Tmn Melati branch.
It was my first ever proper meal at Secret Recipe anyway, previous visit was just about buying few cakes and left.
I ordered a DoryFish with Lobster Sauce and Chocolate Strawberry cake. The meal was really nice. Money well spent.
Thanks Teik Hui, Zhong Jin, Chee Yan and Khar Yau for the companion.

My 23rd birthday was a special one, one of my rare birthday without exam. Where I can do what I want to do!
Wish that my upcoming birthday can be even more meaningful and unforgettable.

Brickfield - Wesak Day Parade

Went to Brickfield to meet Sujata with the ride by Visant.
A bit paiseh actually, always required Visant to give me a ride to Brickfield.
Reached there around 6pm, met Sujata and we later stopped at Palm Court Condominium.
Below is what Sujata ordered, Milo Tarik! This is certainly something new to me.

After that, we went to see the Wesak Parade in Brickfield. Well it just outside the Palm Court Condo anyway, where Sujata grew up there. She's the taiko there, she been living there for almost the whole of her life. 30years++
Below are the photos I took that day.

Photo speaks a thousand word. Enjoy the photos.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

11th - 18th July 2008, Liman Kati

Total of 8 days, 26 "monkeys" somewhere in Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

For those who involved in it, do these remind you the days we been there?
When was the last time you contacted them? Meet them?
Or you have already forgotten about them?

Shi Yan and Mr. G are in Ipoh now, everyone aware of that and contact them?
They studying in SMKJPP now.

I'm going back there soon, anyone with me?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Dinner at a Surprise Location

Been bugging Chen Yan for quite sometime to have a dinner together.....
Well, I told myself I should meet my friends more often....And she's one of those who really live nearby me.

Initially we planned to go Station 1, at Genting Klang.
Somehow "Banana Milkshake" and "White" (why they named so? ask Chen Yan) , Chen's friend said why not we go "Little Trees Restaurant - 小树餐厅"?
As I never been there b4, why not?

小树餐厅 has 2 branches, there are very near to each other. Just few shops apart, at first I wonder why have 2 branches so near to each another?
1st branch is located at a corner shop lot [ground floor], like a normal cafe to me. Where you can have a meal, chit chat, and with WIFI connection too. I not impress with it, normal shop to me. I thought "White" gonna bring me to a special place.....potong stim la......

"White" said not this one, its the 2nd branch where we heading to.......
I din know the 2nd branch just nearby, its situated at the first floor of the shop lot.
Surprise perhaps?
Reached the entrance, saw the brochure where singer will be available from 9pm to 12pm every Wednesday/Friday/Saturday. Wifi available too.
The decoration inside the shop is very nice. No chair though, we have to sit on the floor.

Saw the keyboard/guitar/microphone......we came early.....thus have to wait for the singers to come.

Now come to food, I browsed through the menu and saw a special dish.
Once I saw "dory fish + rice" set, there isn't a single doubt in my mind and I ordered it!!!!

"Banana Milkshake" ordered XXX [I forget the name of food though....]
Chen Yan and "White" ordered
I'm sure most of you been wondering who are "Banana MilkShake" and "White". Here they are !!!The singers were good, they sang quite a lot songs. We left around 10:20pm.
How about the photos of the singers, shop inner decoration?? Visit the shop yourself.
I will certainly visit the shop again, on either wed/fri/sat night.

All the photos above were took using Sony Ericsson P1i, my latest gadget.
Should have brought my Fuji F31FD along, cameraphone just pure sux especially in lowlight condition.

Thursday, May 15, 2008









I like this song a lot lately, the song title is "write a poem for you".
Can't stop singing it, maybe because I'm missing someone?

Characteristic Test










最難達到的美德:純真 (Innocence)
最難克服的執念:縱慾 (Lust)

I'll improve myself be a "BETTER MAN"..........

p/s : Found the link on KhaiYi's blog thanks to Faiker. To those who interested to try the test, please click HERE


Been extremely fall in "love" with LRT lately.

Tuesday, 13th May 2008.
Get into same train with Kum along the way back to Tmn Melati LRT.
The train without aircond, what a great experience.

Wednesday, 14th May 2008.
I a bit regretted did not take the way to go Terminal Putra and made a U-turn to Ampang Park.
End up I waited almost 40minutes at Tmn Melati LRT !!!!
1st train passed by was an empty train.
2nd train was packed like sardine, so no luck.
3rd train passed by was an empty train again.....WTF, how come so many empty trains in a day?
4th train, well I expected it to be full the previous one was empty train, surely a lot people lined up at Terminal Putra. No luck, next train then?
5th train, empty train again!!!!! How the hell in 30 minutes got 3 empty trains !!!!
6th train packed like usual lah......
7th train, an empty train. In my mind, "God damn it, should I take half day leave? I sweat a lot, boh mood d.......". The empty train stopped at Tmn Melati LRT, a good news for a sweaty morning eh?
Met Teck Guan at Wangsa Maju LRT station, first time I meeting him in the morning. Thanks to our beloved LRT system, you da best in term of efficiency!

Thursday, 15th May 2008.
First train was an empty train, I'm started to get phobia of empty train. I did arrived on LRT station quite early today, I thought I would get into LRT for the first attempt.
2nd train as usual packed, it was the first train after an empty train passed by.
Get into the 3rd train, reached office at 8:04am.

My timelog was "cacat" lately...I not able to keep my time arriving b4 8am as I was few months back. Gonna work harder to keep it up, at least Tinie will get "jealous" when viewing my timelog.

2nd Weekend of May

I went home again....yes, I like to go home. Meet my family, my friends, everyone who're in Ipoh.
Went back Ipoh with my brother and Evonne. Her voice is so "manja" or we said "pamper", I not really used to it. lol
Her eyes really big, her skin very fair.......Ipoh Mari. Sure la CUN !

As usual, my father/mother phoned us along the way going back Ipoh. "Where are you ah? Reach where d?"
These are questions always asked by my parents, whose parents will not do so?
They care for us, they love us, or else they won't give a damn ring you up.
Papa/Mummy, I love ya!

Reached home around 11pm, that was a bit late.......I guess that's why mother was so worry....."What takes you so long?"
Kha Heng was sick because of fever, he been resting in Ipoh during the weekend.

Saturday afternoon, Wen Chiao sms and its time to sing K again!!!
Gentlemen who were presented themselves were Wen Chiao(Monq), Wing Keong(Soh Keong), Choong Yew(Soh Yew), Jun Yip(Soh Jing), Wei Lun(Belon) and me(Carrot) [why carrot? dun ask me why, ask my pals in Ipoh].
Had a great time together, sang a lot songs. As usual the best singer was MonQ, and Soh Yew. They must be training all the while.
Cao Ge? Jeff Chang? LeeHom? David Tao? No problem for them. Salute!!!!

Have a great dinner with grandparents, Uncle SengChai and gf, my family in my house.
Mum cooked a wonderful dinner for all of us, the plan to eat at home because of recent price rise lately, everything have become very expensive.

Sunday morning, Eng Tong(Soh Tong) was a surprise guest during the basketball session.
Soh Jing (ffk) again.....if you reading this soh jing, come on la.....say want to come, din come......I also hati tawar d.......
6 of us played the game, I played really well that day. Din play so well for months, gonna gain my confidence on basketball.
I love this game!

Sunday night, reached PV5 at 9:45pm after dropped cousin, bro and Evonne and I just in time to catch the match of Manchester United vs Wigan. Surprisingly mamak stall not many people, I guess all TARC/UTAR students went home?
The match turned out to be a good one, feel delighted when Ronaldo converted the penalty.
Feel want to cry because of too happy when Giggs scored the 2nd goal of the match, been screaming like mad!!!!

The next upcoming match would be UEFA Champion League final, 22nd May 2:45am.
Can't wait for that match, a champion league trophy for Manchester United will be top in my 23rd birthday wishlist. Now you guys know when will be my birthday, jangan buat tak tahu ya

Saturday, May 10, 2008

2 Parcels

I received 2 parcels when I reached home last night.
One of it from Chicago, United States and another one from Kuala Lumpur.

Let see what I get from Chicago, USA.

I bidded the shoes at ebay for USD24.99 with postage of USD24.49 .....
Around RM170 for this And1 Edge Mid Size US12, not bad I would say.

2nd item I bought was Logitech MX518 mouse as a replacement for the aging A4Tech PS2 mouse.

What gadget should I get next?

Friday, May 09, 2008


有一个外国人来台湾直学中文.但他一直搞不清楚"铁"跟"钢"的差别.有一天他很晚才回到家.结果楼下的门打不开. 他只好大声往楼上喊""房东太太.你的钢门打不开耶""...



退 货

Take a break and Enjoy the Photos

The Power of Dream !

Israel Army..Who the hell wants to fight with them?

For more of interesting photos, please visit Allen's Personal Picasa Web Album or click Album Collections at Top Page of the blog.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tagged by Kareen

Tagged by Kareen

1. If Someone Say “Is This Ok?”, You Say?
: In The End (Linkin Park)
*In the end, it doesn't even matter !!!*

2. What Would Best Describe Your Best Personality?
: 忘记伤害 (林峰) - Forget about Sadness (Raymond Lam)
*Forget about the sadness, always look forward!!!!*

3. What Do You Like In A Guy / Girl?
: 恋爱达人 (罗志祥)
*So Baby 就是你 請說你 也愿意 我非常 喜歡你 Yah~
非常喜歡你  Yes I Do~ Yes I Do 非常喜歡你*
*Couldn't agree more!*

4. How Do You Feel Today?
Home (Michael Buble)
*Let me go home !!!!!
I've had my run
Baby I'm done
I gotta go home !!!!*

5. What Is Your Life Purpose?
:岚 (Tank)
*那爱一直到今天 才在我心中浮现 爱情真出现那一瞬间 我们都没发现
那雨是一直到今天 爱下在我心里面 淋湿了双眼 湿过今天
才清晰的看见 你的脸*
*Never hesitate, do it while still can, do not regret later*

6. What Is Your Motto?
:习惯寂寞 (张信哲)
*怪我没有好好把爱把握 只能习惯寂寞*
*Grab chances available! Chances do not come often!"

7. What Do Your Friends Think About You?
: 九月雨 (张信哲)
*No comment*

8. What Do You Think About Your Parents?
: Never Gonna Let You Down (Surface) [Why this song in my playlist????]
*Yes, true !!!*

9. What Do You Think About Very Often?
: Best In Me (Blue)

10. What Do You Think About Bestie?
: 你懂吗 (张信哲)

11. What Do You Think Of The Person You Like?
: Where'd you go (Fort Minor)
*I miss you........*

12. What’s Your Life Story?
: 我爱台妹 (MC HotDog)

13. What Do You Want To Be When Grow Up
: 月半圆(张信哲)

14. What Do You Think When You See The Person You Like
: 城里的月光 (Tank)

15. What Do Your Parents Think Of You?
: For You I Will (Teddy Geiger)
*Song title says everything :)*

16. What Will You Dance To At Your Wedding?
: 白月光 (张信哲)
*That's seem classic, can I do it?*

17. What’s Your Hobby / Interest?
: 记得忘记 (林峰)

18. What’s Your Biggest Fear?
: Siberia (Backstreet Boys)
*Siberia has one of the biggest oil fiend, why should I fear???*

19. What’s Your Biggest Secret?
: 惹尘 (张信哲)

20. What Do You Think About The Person Who Started This Tag?
: 延长比赛 (Tank)
*Couldn't agree more*

21. What Do You Think About The Person Who Tagged You To Do This Entry?
: 专属天使 (Tank)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

First weekend of May 2008

It was a pleasant 4 days in Ipoh.

Be with my family, I'm good son anyway. lol
When was the last time you be with your family? Don't you think that its time to go home?

I met Mr. Chong, helped him organise his PC a bit....well I'm admit I have a bit capability in it.
He told me about the potential Wuhan - 武汉 trip. It most likely to be a 10days trip to a university in Wuhan, where university students will be sent there to have a conference, share knowledge, whatever you call that.....I'm not sure. In mandarin, its named 交流会。
Air ticket? well...have to pay myself but every cost over there will be handled by local authority.
I would certainly go if given opportunity, provided still on semester break.

Met Jean Hoo, Choong Yew, Jun Yip and Wen Chiao for basketball yesterday. Din play for months, it was great somehow. Exercise is great, Yip and Yew still unbeatable on the court, smashing those teenagers around with their height, what to do....they are so tall !!!!

Went to Ebox (Ipoh no Kbox......) with Jean Hoo, Wen Chiao and Choong Yew.
They all get new nickname yesterday.

Choong Yew - USM Chemical Eng Karaoke God
Wen Chiao - UM Material Eng Karaoke God
Jean Hoo - UPM Chemical Eng Karaoke God

They sang so well. All people selected Cao Ge, LeeHom, David Tao, Jeff Chang, Jay Chou and etc and some of them were very hard to sing!!!!!
We have real fun time together, we may go there again next Saturday. Anyone want to join?

Went for basketball again this morning.......Wen Chiao and Jun Yip ffk.........sigh
End up teaming with 2 teenagers and smashed teenagers (local high school kids) again. Haha.

It feel good to be home. I'll go home again next Friday.
Next Sunday gonna be Mother's Day, what's your plan? Going home?