Friday, May 23, 2008

22nd May - Happy Birthday KhaLoon !!!

The early morning of 22nd May 2008 Malaysia time.
I was at D'Mamak Corner watching Uefa Champion League final.
Manchester United vs Chelsea, the match end up 1 - 1 full time, 6 - 5 after penalty shootout.
Manchester United won it!!!!!
I was jumping for joy at around 5:45am at mamak stall, tears of joy almost drop from my eyes.
It was very emotional, cause it happened on a special day. My birthday of 23, the best birthday present I can ask for. Had 4 hours sleep only that day, as I receiving a lot sms from my friends. The phone keep ringing till I had to off my message tone.
Thanks Pui Mei, Yeen Foo, Susan, Mee Kee, Wei Lun, Kah Yean, Chung Ginn, Choong Yew, Jean Hoo, Chooi Pin, Ju n Yip, Yuen Nee and many more. Not to forget my brother/sister/parents too. I love you all!!!!
Thanks for greeting on sms/friendster/facebook/email.

Thanks to Kak Rusniah for buying a cake for me and Visant. Photos below show activities we did at level 28 of Empire Tower. Thanks everyone !!!
Thanks Kak Rush for the POEM, I love it !

Thanks to my pals in Tmn Melati.
We had a great dinner at Secret Recipe Tmn Melati branch.
It was my first ever proper meal at Secret Recipe anyway, previous visit was just about buying few cakes and left.
I ordered a DoryFish with Lobster Sauce and Chocolate Strawberry cake. The meal was really nice. Money well spent.
Thanks Teik Hui, Zhong Jin, Chee Yan and Khar Yau for the companion.

My 23rd birthday was a special one, one of my rare birthday without exam. Where I can do what I want to do!
Wish that my upcoming birthday can be even more meaningful and unforgettable.


AdikRose said...

Ehh! my photo.. HAPPY BDAY...Yr age...only number rite..still young:)

Kha Loon said...

Ya, your pretty photo is here.
I gonna upload more later :)

Hwee Kee said...


din noe is ur bday, just realise it.

im late but still wish u BLESSED BELATED B'DAY!

may happiness, health and luck be wib u.


take care.