Thursday, May 15, 2008

2nd Weekend of May

I went home again....yes, I like to go home. Meet my family, my friends, everyone who're in Ipoh.
Went back Ipoh with my brother and Evonne. Her voice is so "manja" or we said "pamper", I not really used to it. lol
Her eyes really big, her skin very fair.......Ipoh Mari. Sure la CUN !

As usual, my father/mother phoned us along the way going back Ipoh. "Where are you ah? Reach where d?"
These are questions always asked by my parents, whose parents will not do so?
They care for us, they love us, or else they won't give a damn ring you up.
Papa/Mummy, I love ya!

Reached home around 11pm, that was a bit late.......I guess that's why mother was so worry....."What takes you so long?"
Kha Heng was sick because of fever, he been resting in Ipoh during the weekend.

Saturday afternoon, Wen Chiao sms and its time to sing K again!!!
Gentlemen who were presented themselves were Wen Chiao(Monq), Wing Keong(Soh Keong), Choong Yew(Soh Yew), Jun Yip(Soh Jing), Wei Lun(Belon) and me(Carrot) [why carrot? dun ask me why, ask my pals in Ipoh].
Had a great time together, sang a lot songs. As usual the best singer was MonQ, and Soh Yew. They must be training all the while.
Cao Ge? Jeff Chang? LeeHom? David Tao? No problem for them. Salute!!!!

Have a great dinner with grandparents, Uncle SengChai and gf, my family in my house.
Mum cooked a wonderful dinner for all of us, the plan to eat at home because of recent price rise lately, everything have become very expensive.

Sunday morning, Eng Tong(Soh Tong) was a surprise guest during the basketball session.
Soh Jing (ffk) again.....if you reading this soh jing, come on la.....say want to come, din come......I also hati tawar d.......
6 of us played the game, I played really well that day. Din play so well for months, gonna gain my confidence on basketball.
I love this game!

Sunday night, reached PV5 at 9:45pm after dropped cousin, bro and Evonne and I just in time to catch the match of Manchester United vs Wigan. Surprisingly mamak stall not many people, I guess all TARC/UTAR students went home?
The match turned out to be a good one, feel delighted when Ronaldo converted the penalty.
Feel want to cry because of too happy when Giggs scored the 2nd goal of the match, been screaming like mad!!!!

The next upcoming match would be UEFA Champion League final, 22nd May 2:45am.
Can't wait for that match, a champion league trophy for Manchester United will be top in my 23rd birthday wishlist. Now you guys know when will be my birthday, jangan buat tak tahu ya

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AdikRose said...

Oh U say at me,I miss my family but u hv amoi at ipoh..white coffee punya anak! We can celebrate yr B'day my dear...tunggguuu..