Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ok folks who reading this, I know this is an old song but please bear with me.
I only know this song last Saturday, when watching American Idol.
At first I wonder what song is that, quite nice it seem and I saw Kum enjoy singing the song.

Thus I gave the song a try, never knew that I have Timberland's album since half year ago. Play the song, even though its short but I really like the rhythm of the song. Very interesting, the vocal very nice.

Found that Siti Fairuz likes the song too, I guess many people out there like this song.

"Its too late to apologise, its too late !!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

u take my song...waaa...~

+ z e | i n g © said...

It's Apologize by Timbaland. Just to correct ur spelling error, hope u don't mind =)

♥ Karen ♥ said...

Hi Kha Loon...1st time drop in via tioman's blog.
Yea itz a nice song ^^