Saturday, May 24, 2008

GDO Paintball - 24th May 2008

This event was held by GDO [Graduate Development Organisation], Ranhill WorleyParsons Sdn. Bhd. with the collaboration of L&D [Learning & Development].

The event was held at MALAYSIAN PAINTBALL ACADEMY (MAPAAC), at Astaka Sport Complex.
The event instructor was Wei. He gave some briefing on safety approach for the game, rules and regulation of the game.
Met the another 3 instructors later.
They were Yaz, Fade and Shawn. They were really friendly and especially thanks to Shawn for sharing the tips to excel in the games.

Now back to games, first game we lost. Inexperience team, after I "killed" Raymond and I kena headshot!!!!! Not too bad anyway, at least I managed to hunt down a person.
The bullet "taste" yucky, well it came into my mouth without permission.....
Took a water to clean them off.
The 2nd game, we won. I was alive in that game.
The 3rd game, we won it again.
The 4th game, we should won it anyway as we finished most of it perfectly except that a member of our team took off the mask and we lost the game. Chill for the guy who took off the mask, I'm not blaming you for that. Haha.
The preliminary result was 2 won, 2 lose. Well not too bad I guess, for beginner team.

After that it was briefing session by instructors how to improve our games.
How to play properly, how to shoot properly, and tactics wise.
Shawn helped a lot in this session, he taught us how to shoot properly, where to stand, where to hide, how to shoot with both hands.

Semifinal, I was being "killed" as my cylinder (blocker) dropped off, I have no place to go and I chosen to rush. I guess that was a bad choice but thank god, our team still win it.

Final, the match was against L&D.
Tactic wise, it was very good.
We only lost a member where Asyraf, frontline warrior dropped out after heavy battle.
I'm the person at the base, managed to kill off a lady. I finished my bullet but eventually we clean sweep the match with only one warrior sacrificed.

Had my lunch there, it was McD BigMac. Collected the hamper, took photos with guys there and the instructors as well.

Even though it was a very tiring session, I really like it.
I had some bruises on my body. On my chest and stomach. It was a bit painful, still it was really fun.
My jeans get really dirty, my shirt get very smelly but still, I really enjoyed the event.
Thanks GDO for provided us such a chance.

For those who interested in playing or want to know more of paintball, please visit MAPAAC website and LunacyPaintball.
LunacyPaintball is team where Yaz/Fade/Shawn representing for the time being.

These were the photos I took today.


Tseng Yang said...

Hey yo team mate.

nice game we had on that day yeah!
In the semi final game, i thought there was very few ppl left so i rushed to the opponent base.
Bad decision as i tot i managed to survive the dash. Paint check by marshall revealed that i was marked on my marker!

Kha Loon said...

Ya, great game instead.
Team work is the key to victorious.

How you found this blog ????

AdikRose said...

The winner is Team Lim Kha borrow/using yr word.

Kha Loon said...

Yes indeed!
Team Charlie best!

Even Hazrin who used to hide behind, attack as well !!!

alvincheng said...

Congrats, so enjoy the paintball. No time to blog regarding this event yet, wonder want to blog not, haha,seen in most of your blog d, see how la, later, if got time then only I write