Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tagged by Kareen

Tagged by Kareen

1. If Someone Say “Is This Ok?”, You Say?
: In The End (Linkin Park)
*In the end, it doesn't even matter !!!*

2. What Would Best Describe Your Best Personality?
: 忘记伤害 (林峰) - Forget about Sadness (Raymond Lam)
*Forget about the sadness, always look forward!!!!*

3. What Do You Like In A Guy / Girl?
: 恋爱达人 (罗志祥)
*So Baby 就是你 請說你 也愿意 我非常 喜歡你 Yah~
非常喜歡你  Yes I Do~ Yes I Do 非常喜歡你*
*Couldn't agree more!*

4. How Do You Feel Today?
Home (Michael Buble)
*Let me go home !!!!!
I've had my run
Baby I'm done
I gotta go home !!!!*

5. What Is Your Life Purpose?
:岚 (Tank)
*那爱一直到今天 才在我心中浮现 爱情真出现那一瞬间 我们都没发现
那雨是一直到今天 爱下在我心里面 淋湿了双眼 湿过今天
才清晰的看见 你的脸*
*Never hesitate, do it while still can, do not regret later*

6. What Is Your Motto?
:习惯寂寞 (张信哲)
*怪我没有好好把爱把握 只能习惯寂寞*
*Grab chances available! Chances do not come often!"

7. What Do Your Friends Think About You?
: 九月雨 (张信哲)
*No comment*

8. What Do You Think About Your Parents?
: Never Gonna Let You Down (Surface) [Why this song in my playlist????]
*Yes, true !!!*

9. What Do You Think About Very Often?
: Best In Me (Blue)

10. What Do You Think About Bestie?
: 你懂吗 (张信哲)

11. What Do You Think Of The Person You Like?
: Where'd you go (Fort Minor)
*I miss you........*

12. What’s Your Life Story?
: 我爱台妹 (MC HotDog)

13. What Do You Want To Be When Grow Up
: 月半圆(张信哲)

14. What Do You Think When You See The Person You Like
: 城里的月光 (Tank)

15. What Do Your Parents Think Of You?
: For You I Will (Teddy Geiger)
*Song title says everything :)*

16. What Will You Dance To At Your Wedding?
: 白月光 (张信哲)
*That's seem classic, can I do it?*

17. What’s Your Hobby / Interest?
: 记得忘记 (林峰)

18. What’s Your Biggest Fear?
: Siberia (Backstreet Boys)
*Siberia has one of the biggest oil fiend, why should I fear???*

19. What’s Your Biggest Secret?
: 惹尘 (张信哲)

20. What Do You Think About The Person Who Started This Tag?
: 延长比赛 (Tank)
*Couldn't agree more*

21. What Do You Think About The Person Who Tagged You To Do This Entry?
: 专属天使 (Tank)

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