Friday, June 20, 2008

Gourami Business Challenge

I woke up early this morning, around 5am just to prepare myself ready for something important.
I left house around 6:10am and reached LRT around 6:20am, I took the LRT to Bangsar and I reached there around 7am.

I have waited for bus at the wrong side, and I wasted almost half an hour.........
I went to the opposite and took a cab to Bangunan Shell, Damansara and it cost me RM8. I don't really care though about the price, as long as I reached Shell House on time, that'll do.

I reached there around 7:40am and I approached the reception centre and I registered myself to get a visitor pass.
On the list I saw a familiar name and it was "Logeswary". Is she the Loges I know?
Look around and found her. She went all way up from Pasir Gudang, good job lady!

Walked around and I saw a lot young good looking ladies, a lot hot chinese wear so nicely [its a good manners to wear nicely. hehe]

Later on I met a hot lady and she is Ellie. The hot Graduate Recruitment Advisor of Shell HQ. Believe me, she's really hot !!!!
I never expect a malay lady to wear so sexy, actually not sexy lah.....She dressed up very nicely, very attractive.

The interview process started and Atiqah did interviewed me.
IMO, I did fine on the first interview.
2nd session was not as good as expected even though I knew how the whole process gonna be but I just couldn't perform as I wanted to, perhaps nervous took over me that time.

The interview processed end before 12pm and we took a lunch at the cafe.
I met Han Seng from, Jasymin from MMU (Business), Gopi (UM), others I couldn't remember though. Those in "others" are from UM, UPM, UTM.

I met Hwee Kee at Help, never know it so near Shell House.
Her friend, offer me a ride to Bangsar LRT in her black Myvi. It was a rollercoaster ride somehow, she drove pretty "recklessly". Without safety belt on, she drove very fast...and always late braking......
Yes I was frightened......Who don't?

The result of the Gourami Business Challenge further shortlist interview will be released on 17th July 2008.
13 of Malaysia students will be selected to attend the event at 21 - 26 August 2008 at Langkawi.
Estimated the total of Malaysia students going for the interview is around 40 students, I hope I can be one of the 13 to represent Malaysia in Gourami Business Challenge.

The event, most likely of around 40 students from Asia Pacific region.
Malaysia being the biggest contingent - 13, I hope I will be given the opportunity to represent Shell Malaysia [or shall I say Malaysia?] there.

Li Yen, Yik Heng, Chung Ginn and Peng Chean, all the best in your interview in the next few days.
Hopefully we will meet at Langkawi, if we make it.

Happy Birthday Pal !

19th June Birthday Boy

20th June Birthday Boy

Even though they not same in body size, not born on the same day but both of them are Gemini !
Gemini is attractive and certainly they are, they are chick magnet !

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Top View of Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Photos from Yong Lim, future pilot of MAS!

Below is the lengchai photo of Yong Lim! You look great in this suit!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alex & Mary

Ok........This post dedicated just for Alex & Mary.

Mary's birthday on 9th of June, while Alex's on 19th of June.
Once upon a time, I received a message from Han Wei to ask for "mummy's" birthday because someone want to celebrate birthday together with "mummy".

Now who's mummy?
Yes, he is mummy for Sharon/Shi Yan/Mary/Han Wei.
4 lenglui daughters....I also want.
What a lucky chap!

Below are the photos we took that day......
Zhong Jin was very eager, he requested to take photos with all the 3 girls.......
And clearly the wish was granted, willingly or unwillingly by the girls........I don't know....I'm just a cameraman.

The end of the day, Alex was very happy.
He celebrated his birthday with his........daughter.......[not gf, trust me] with the companion of another 2 daughters [not ex-gf, trust me] and not to forget, myself and Zhong Jin.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sony Ericsson P1i

Sony Ericsson P1i

I bought this phone exactly 4 weeks ago from Tesco Ampang, at a price tag of RM1030.
It is an AP set from Telstra, its a very good buy! I have to fork out more than a grand for it.

The reason I bought this phone basically of its highly attractive specification, at a grand mark I don't see any phone that capable to compete with p1i in term of functionality, basically it has most of the feature I required on a handheld gadget.

The phone does come with Wifi (B mode only, wish G mode was included as well) which come very handy, especially I'm travelling around and wifi connection is available for usage.
I can just sit at home, on the sofa accessing instant messenger and doing some light surfing with P1i. The Opera Mobile 8.65 browser that comes with the phone is a big failure, its always crash and very slow, always disappointed me when I need it.
Opera Mini 4.1 beta does comes very handy in this situation, it is a very simple java-based mobile browser that fulfill my requirement of light surfing.
I still able to access lowyat forum, facebook, without any problem.
I can even access mobile youtube on the phone for video live streaming.
One thing let down would be no support for flash file on this phone, basically I cannot view any website content that designed using flash.
Sony Ericsson, please update p1i users with a flash lite plugin so that we can have flash file played on this phone by default.

Camera wise, this phone does come with 3.2megapixels autofocus camera with a duplex LCD flash. For a smartphone range, it does come with a very nice camera where the hardware is "said" to be same as the Sony Ericsson K800i with the exception of the annoying green tint which annoyed a lot p1i users, included mine (which is very minimal after flashed to latest firmware).

Keypad wise, rocker style of Qwerty keyboard is certainly something new and it takes me sometime to get used to it. I would certainly need some concentration while typing, in order not to misstype any words.

The speed of the phone is reasonable. Its not a very fast phone, its certainly slower than my brother's Nokia N82. There's lag on P1i while loading some application, it does help me to get a bit more patience..(isn't that good? well I guess so) while waiting for it.

3G video call quality is reasonable where both of the camera can be used for video call, and interchangeable throughout the process. Certainly a good feature.

The phone comes with a big LCD screen, 320x240pixels 2.6 inch does come very handy when I'm surf using Opera Mini and watching mp4.

Some mod I did to make the phone more glamour.
I sucessfully installed Walkman V3 which only available for Sony Ericsson W960 (at least for the time being) into P1i, the visualisation does come a lot prettier compared to the default dull player but it was pretty sluggish. I would pick the default dull player for normal usage as I just slot my phone into the pocket, enjoying music on my earbud.
Did the headset volume hack on the phone where I able to crank up volume higher than it capable of. Useful when I wanted to drive low ampere rating headphone.

Must software to have fun with P1i.
  1. M3, an awesome video encoder for handphone. Highly recommended.
  2. Slick Messenger, an awesome non-java based instant messenger. MSN, YM, AOL, Gtalk, Jabber. You name it, Slick Messenger supports it!
  3. Opera Mini 4
  4. WalkmanV3 Hack Mod
  5. Apple IphoneLock (I din use it but if you are iphone wannabe, try it)
Martin Field Screen Protector is something worth invest if you want a high quality screen protector that's basically scratchless.

Will upload some photos of my phone later.

A brand new week with some changes

From this week, Ranhill WorleyParsons gonna implement 4.5 days working hour system.
Which mean everyone need to work 9 hours on Monday to Thursday, 4 hours on Friday.

I tried to sleep early last night..........I guess I would need time to get use to new sleeping timetable.
I'm been rolling on the bed for quite sometime, yet I still awake...
Played with Digi Bubbletalk, its a good feature. Like it a lot. hehe

Woke up around 5:45am this morning, I was reluctant to get off the bed........I was really sleepy.......its 5:45am.......I never wake up so early just to work......
Prepared myself, I guess I spent too much time this morning. When I'm ready to get out off the house. Its almost 6:30am........I gonna reach office later than 7am...........

Reached LRT around 6:50am, surprisingly its very quiet..........well its early anyway. Even people at Wangsa Maju not many today, till Damai the train not full yet. I guessed its really great to take train in the early morning, avoid all the "people" jam, no pushing here and there.

Was listening to MyFM on my way to LRT from Pv5, never listen to Radio in such an early morning......good experience though.
While on the LRT, I guess my phone FM antenna just pure sux. When the train moving, signal keep dropping, frustrated and I changed into mp3 mode.
Lately I'm into songs of
  • David Cook - Always be My Baby
  • Lifehouse - Whatever It Takes
They are really nice songs, recommended to all.
And Jason Marz - I'm Yours, its simple yet very nice.
The lyrics just awesome, I just love songs in acoustic version.
I guess that what make Teik Hui loves Marie so much?

Reached the office around 7:13am, I was "late" for 13 minutes......
I just knew that I was 6th person to reach office, not too bad eh.
It was my first time to reach office earlier than Cherry, that's nothing to cheer about actually........

I'm gonna leave office today at 5:13pm, hopefully the weather will be very good and I gonna jump into pool later today.

Something special gonna happen tonight, will update about it later.
Stay tune!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Petrol price increase.....

Petrol price increase was a big news among Malaysians......the increment was really a shock, I guess no one would imagine that it will go up till RM2.70/litre for petrol.

People been complaining about Pak Lah administration for quite sometime, and certainly people was more frustrated with Pak Lah decision to increase the petrol price.
Have all the people ever wonder, who chosen the government? People.
Pak Lah represented the people, as "people" voted for him.
And people still complain about Pak Lah? Isn't that Pak Lah represent the people?

So what have you did on the last election? Or you just being ignorance, did not go register to become a voter, and eventually did not cast your vote?
A lot people been saying that, "I'm not interested in politics, thus this nothing related to me".
Well again, isn't you Malaysian?
Isn't that one of the citizen's responsibility is to cast a vote during general election for the people we may think have chances to convert Malaysia into a land where its for Malaysians, instead of certain group of people?

Petrol price increase gonna make everything a lot more expensive.
Now all people who driving fuel gazzler car, thinking of getting a fuel economical car as being predicted, petrol price will rise till RM4/litre very soon.
Roti Canai gonna be something luxury soon, my plan of having 3 meals a day with RM10 budget is getting a lot more impossible nowadays.

Budget Plan 2009 gonna be something that will determine Pak Lah's politic career IMHO, if he screw it up. People will certainly screw him up and Malaysia will in a big mess.

And people will start thinking of "leave Malaysia, we don't care the shit happen in Malaysia anymore, let save ourselves first".
So should I leave Malaysia as soon as possible? Move my whole family to oversea, what your say?

And there's something to share here.

Petronas Hit By Rising Exploration Costs

Petronas could go bust by 2018