Friday, June 20, 2008

Gourami Business Challenge

I woke up early this morning, around 5am just to prepare myself ready for something important.
I left house around 6:10am and reached LRT around 6:20am, I took the LRT to Bangsar and I reached there around 7am.

I have waited for bus at the wrong side, and I wasted almost half an hour.........
I went to the opposite and took a cab to Bangunan Shell, Damansara and it cost me RM8. I don't really care though about the price, as long as I reached Shell House on time, that'll do.

I reached there around 7:40am and I approached the reception centre and I registered myself to get a visitor pass.
On the list I saw a familiar name and it was "Logeswary". Is she the Loges I know?
Look around and found her. She went all way up from Pasir Gudang, good job lady!

Walked around and I saw a lot young good looking ladies, a lot hot chinese wear so nicely [its a good manners to wear nicely. hehe]

Later on I met a hot lady and she is Ellie. The hot Graduate Recruitment Advisor of Shell HQ. Believe me, she's really hot !!!!
I never expect a malay lady to wear so sexy, actually not sexy lah.....She dressed up very nicely, very attractive.

The interview process started and Atiqah did interviewed me.
IMO, I did fine on the first interview.
2nd session was not as good as expected even though I knew how the whole process gonna be but I just couldn't perform as I wanted to, perhaps nervous took over me that time.

The interview processed end before 12pm and we took a lunch at the cafe.
I met Han Seng from, Jasymin from MMU (Business), Gopi (UM), others I couldn't remember though. Those in "others" are from UM, UPM, UTM.

I met Hwee Kee at Help, never know it so near Shell House.
Her friend, offer me a ride to Bangsar LRT in her black Myvi. It was a rollercoaster ride somehow, she drove pretty "recklessly". Without safety belt on, she drove very fast...and always late braking......
Yes I was frightened......Who don't?

The result of the Gourami Business Challenge further shortlist interview will be released on 17th July 2008.
13 of Malaysia students will be selected to attend the event at 21 - 26 August 2008 at Langkawi.
Estimated the total of Malaysia students going for the interview is around 40 students, I hope I can be one of the 13 to represent Malaysia in Gourami Business Challenge.

The event, most likely of around 40 students from Asia Pacific region.
Malaysia being the biggest contingent - 13, I hope I will be given the opportunity to represent Shell Malaysia [or shall I say Malaysia?] there.

Li Yen, Yik Heng, Chung Ginn and Peng Chean, all the best in your interview in the next few days.
Hopefully we will meet at Langkawi, if we make it.


alvincheng said...

Best of luck, You sure can do it! Don't forget to spend me out for drink oh! Keep in touch after you leave RWP oh!!!

Amith said...

Hey man..hows it goin ??
Dis is amith from India.
Will be cumin 2 malaysia in August as part of Shell India.
Lemme noe if u make it...keep in touch..hope to meet u in malaysia...
cheers !!!!!

Kha Loon said...

Thanks for dropping by Amith....I do hope I can make it....

result will be announced after 17th July...

Sumit said...

Hi Kha Loon,

This is Sumit from Singapore. I got an email from Shell saying that I have been shortlisted for an interview, but I have yet to hear from them after that. It would be great if you could share with me what the interview process is like - any questions, etc you remember? I have no clue about this since I dont really know anyone who's been a part of this before.

Will really appreciate any help.

Allen said...

Sumit, please check your email.

For the interview, just be yourself as its non-technical interview.

xiang said...

hi, not sure if my last post went thru but i was asking for some tips for the interview as i am in a similar position as sumit except im from perth.

cheers and thanks for ur time

my email is


Sutha said...

Hi kah lon... did u get tru?? luck was on my side... i got tru... good uck

Anonymous said...

hey so u got it?

Kha Loon said...

Nope, I not able to do well in the interview and I not given the chance to join the Gourami Business Challenge at Langkawi few weeks ago.