Tuesday, July 15, 2008

WorleyParsons - Pipeliners

She's Sujata. I get to know her before I join WorleyParsons. Why? Because she replied my email I believe, during the month of October? She been teaching me a lot, as a pipeliner and as a person. She was my mentor throughout the internship period, especially during the time I spent at level 28 project floor. Beside the LCD and windows I'm usually looking at, she was among the people I always talked with. Not to forget Ahmad Fairoz and Shafiza too.........and the lady below!

Ok, from this photo what actually come across your mind? She looks like a DATIN, doesn't she?
I get to know her when I was at level 28 project floor. She was really nice to talk with, the first few days I was there.......I was quiet.......as usual for newcomers........but the passion of them really made me feel like home........
Kak Rus, so how everything going on at KPOC? The office there really nice!

He looks fierce, right?
Actually he very "sweet"......just because he is "manis" looking guy......you will get to see his "manis" photos later on.
I get to know Nazrin well during teambuilding event, we worked in a team and I still remember "rasa rasa sayang sayang hei hei!!!"......that was really hilarious.......I will never forget that
Looking to meet him again soon, somewhere in Ipoh!

He's the "brother" of Sujata in the department. I get to go along with him mainly because he's always with Sujata.......and mainly because we are young people! Same age range, no generation gap.

Ezwan, he always smile. It just fun talking with him, he taught me a lot in VIV analysis. Now he is the VIV analysis expert, surely he will have great time in the office as Cherry is another talkative person!!

Now I wonder the table in front of him, who sitting there now.......

Aker Solutions

On 7th of July 2008, Pipeline department had a trip to Aker Solutions manufacturing plant at Port Klang Free Zone.

Here is one of the photos I snapped using my phone.

Due to "no camera allowable" policy inside the plant, I not able to take photos........but I quietly took one anyway......haha
Ok....you see the stomach of one macho pipeliner......
And the lenglui dressed in white was my plant supervisor, isn't she pretty? That's why kahwin awal!
Ok, this is me........
I'm trying the safety goggle that wore during the site visit.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pipeline Futsal Day

5th of July, I had my last futsal session with colleagues at Ampang SportPlanet.

On the Friday afternoon, normally all the non-muslim will leave the office after 12pm to go home.....well we only work 4 hours on Friday, I choose to stay in the office to wait for the next activity.

Boarded Akmal's ride around 2:30pm, we reached SportPlanet around 2:55pm and surprisingly we were the first to arrive [as usual.....no surprise actually].

Began the warm up and its time for some kicking after that. It was a really nice session, it was very tiring yet I enjoy the match!

Thanks Akmal, Azwira, Shaharin, Ismail, Nazrin, Asyraf, Adli, Barzin, Ezwan and Visant for making my 3rd ever futsal session so meaningful.

I wonder when will my 4th session of futsal will be......

Few days to go before I finish my internship, and I will leave WorleyParsons for good.....to continue my final year.

Another chapter, new challenge, can't wait for it!
I bet its gonna be very interesting.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Greenbox Karaoke

4 of us [Han Wei, Sharon, Teik Hui and myself] went to GreenBox karaoke last Friday night. Initially it should be 5 people but Zhong Jin fall sick as the session was meant for him initially.

We departed early but due certain 'reason', we arrived quite late......
Thanks to myself, sesak jalan.....huhu

We reached there around 8pm, and we still managed to secure a room.
Firstly, everyone was rushing food at the buffer corner.

I was searching for the song "David Cook - Always Be My Baby" but somehow it isn't there.
Was looking for Umbrella, Marie Digby version for Teik Hui but not able to find it either.

Still, we sang a lot of songs. Had a lot of fun.
I even played a station game when I lost.......need to polish the technique more.
We reached home quite late, almost 1am in the morning.

Below are the photos we took that day.

I will upload the remaining video files we recorded that day.
Stay tune for the live show from Han Wei.

KPOC, KLCC Level 52

I went to KLCC last Friday after work, I met Kak Rus there with Nasi Kukus from Empire Tower. It seem that she will miss Nasi Kukus a lot....and I never had my meal so far from the ground except on a plane.

Initially I thought I will not be allowed to go up as I was wearing jeans and t-shirt as in Petronas, everyday FORMAL wear.
The reception was quite nice and granted me a pass after I left my IC there.
Ranhill WorleyParsons - the only reason I can think of they let me go up so easily.

These are some of the photos I took that day.
The pantry is big.....very big indeed. The coffee mixer machine is very nice.
The office is big, the light a bit dim though. Would get sleepy quite easily if I were in that kind of office environment.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Always Be My Baby!!!!

Here a song, not a really new one but I like it somehow.
I always sing it with Teik Hui in the house!!!
Too bad that our visit to Greenbox last friday, we couldn't find this song there.