Wednesday, July 02, 2008

KPOC, KLCC Level 52

I went to KLCC last Friday after work, I met Kak Rus there with Nasi Kukus from Empire Tower. It seem that she will miss Nasi Kukus a lot....and I never had my meal so far from the ground except on a plane.

Initially I thought I will not be allowed to go up as I was wearing jeans and t-shirt as in Petronas, everyday FORMAL wear.
The reception was quite nice and granted me a pass after I left my IC there.
Ranhill WorleyParsons - the only reason I can think of they let me go up so easily.

These are some of the photos I took that day.
The pantry is big.....very big indeed. The coffee mixer machine is very nice.
The office is big, the light a bit dim though. Would get sleepy quite easily if I were in that kind of office environment.

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