Saturday, August 30, 2008

Final year first semester

Yes, I'm back to UTP after 32 weeks of industrial internship.
Thus far, 6 weeks past and many things happened.

During the first week of the semester, I successfully found a lecturer to be my FYP supervisor. To me, he is good and I'm grateful to have him to supervise me.
As Siang said, he is notable the best. I have to admit, Mr. Rahmat is a really good. He provided guidances which surely helps to progress further in the project.
Btw, my fyp title is "Riser Stress Analysis with Finite Element Approach".
I want to achieve great result output at the end of this and next semester for this fyp!

Surprisingly, July 2008 is a special semester.
This intake has more than 100 chinese students, which never happen before.
I wonder what made UTP change their policy?

For the time being, I'm not sure to fully concentrate on study or fyp.
As time goes on, I will need to produce output for my fyp. Especially to Mr. Rahmat as I believe he does have expectation on me. (I just assume)
Then, study been quite ok this semester (yes, it isn't busy at all compared to previous 5 semesters) but still tests are coming...... I want to score this semester......
What should I do? I'm not equip with quadcore CPU. I'm not good in multitasking......
I guess I just have to take it slowly, plan well......
ANSYS, I will fall in "love" you for sure!
Facilties Engineering/Malaysian Studies projects, I love you too!
PCS presentation soon. Mr. Sarjit, I will try my best to get full mark from you.

I have decided to ditch Windows XP for Vista now.
Hopefully Vista will give me some good experience I had on XP.

I did not spent a lot time in sport complex and gym for the past 6 weeks. Physically I'm not fit now..........I need exercise.......Time to sweat more!

Pipelines Last Day - Part 3

To be updated later.

Pipelines Last Day - Part 2

Again, this photo shows how much Cherry likes to take photos. More to come later. Isn't Nazrin look sexy in long hair?

He's Eddie. At first I thought "Eddie" is a Mat Salleh, never seen a Malay use this name though. He's Cofferdam expert, he's the organiser for Pipeline Futsal Day!
And isn't he look macho in these 2 photos?
As usual, Cherry is in the photo again. Hehe.
Ezhani and Taaliah. They love shopping, well basically all the ladies in the department love shopping!
Thanks Ezhani for teaching me on Riser Stress, thanks Taaliah for giving me chances to learn from Bokor.
Now who is the lady in these 4 photos?
She is the secretary of Pipeline Department.
I only met her on the 2nd day I joined RWP. The first day she was no where to be seen, end up I was sitting at Chong's place. Met her on the 2nd day, never know the secretary is so cheerful. She is just so nice to chat with. Her performance during the TeamBuilding drama session was stunning!
This is Mr. Azahari. He's the leader designer of the department. He has more than 20-year-old experience in Pipeline design industry which is MASSIVE!
Sorry to say, when he taking a nap in the office. I did heard some noise though.................
The design team, Kak Min and Salfaras. And again, you see Alvin in the photo......sama kaki dengan Cherry. Haha.
Kak Min was doing breakfast delivery service while I was still there, business was good.
Salfaras just a lovely lady, she speaks softly. Elegant betul !

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pipelines Last Day - Part 1

11th July 2008, the last day of my internship programme in Pipelines Department, Ranhill WorleyParsons. Thus photo session was held with all the members presented on the day!
The main actors of the photos below will be me and Mae!!!

Shaharin, expert in CP (Cathodic Protection) Design. Wonderful person to chat with, very humour person. Very good singer, Pipeline "Rain" we called him. I bet he can dance like Rain too!

Ezwan and Cherry
They were the 2 persons sat in front of me in the office. They love to talk (in another way, talkative!) and I always hear funny stories from them. Ezwan taught me a lot in VIV analysis, which did helped me a lot in preparing the internship report. Cherry gonna be a hot MAMA soon. She went for belly dance class, yoga, etc. And I'm sure that she gonna have few children in the next few years. And you know what..... she is the most prettiest chinese girl in the department!

My senior from UTP, now working in the Pipelines Department. We played futsal together, in the same team during teambuilding. It was a great experience! And he recommended me to take Mr. Rahmat as my fyp supervisor as he has experience supervising students in FYP related to FEA. Now I feel his word really true, Mr. Rahmat really a "special" lecturer. I can feel the aura from him.
I must say he's one of the most funniest guy in the department. His jokes really help while in tension mode. Beside known as a handsome guy, he more famously known as a "manis" guy. Just look at his photo, he just so sweet!
One of the joke that I remembered from him, "Report susah nak tulis ke? Tak apa......Jangan lah tulis......Guna type lagi best. Tulis slow sangat ni, type senang"