Saturday, August 30, 2008

Final year first semester

Yes, I'm back to UTP after 32 weeks of industrial internship.
Thus far, 6 weeks past and many things happened.

During the first week of the semester, I successfully found a lecturer to be my FYP supervisor. To me, he is good and I'm grateful to have him to supervise me.
As Siang said, he is notable the best. I have to admit, Mr. Rahmat is a really good. He provided guidances which surely helps to progress further in the project.
Btw, my fyp title is "Riser Stress Analysis with Finite Element Approach".
I want to achieve great result output at the end of this and next semester for this fyp!

Surprisingly, July 2008 is a special semester.
This intake has more than 100 chinese students, which never happen before.
I wonder what made UTP change their policy?

For the time being, I'm not sure to fully concentrate on study or fyp.
As time goes on, I will need to produce output for my fyp. Especially to Mr. Rahmat as I believe he does have expectation on me. (I just assume)
Then, study been quite ok this semester (yes, it isn't busy at all compared to previous 5 semesters) but still tests are coming...... I want to score this semester......
What should I do? I'm not equip with quadcore CPU. I'm not good in multitasking......
I guess I just have to take it slowly, plan well......
ANSYS, I will fall in "love" you for sure!
Facilties Engineering/Malaysian Studies projects, I love you too!
PCS presentation soon. Mr. Sarjit, I will try my best to get full mark from you.

I have decided to ditch Windows XP for Vista now.
Hopefully Vista will give me some good experience I had on XP.

I did not spent a lot time in sport complex and gym for the past 6 weeks. Physically I'm not fit now..........I need exercise.......Time to sweat more!

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