Sunday, September 21, 2008


The UTP students' ultimate goal nowadays is to achieve 4 flat every semesters and they will avoid any activities that do not "menguntungkan".

Which mean if it an event where there is no certificate after the completion, most likely no one will join?
Where the activity that will earn them a few pieces of papers will be the only events you see the participation of them, beside that they will stay in the room study?

Are those papers actually can get them a job?
4 flat can get USD5k fresh grad job?

I wonder what happen to them, isn't the world is so broad that we should continue and go discover n learn from it?

Its always good to equip yourself n ready to compete in the market but are they really on the correct path?
Or I just outdated? Haha................

Study is important but is study the everything of our life?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Raya break soon......

Raya break soon at last, its good that I will have around 12 days to spare at home.
What should I do by then? Follow up my ANSYS modelling? Or throw everything aside, just stay at home n relax?

I'm glad I made it thus far, I started to see some progress in my FYP.
Facilities Engineering project is going well so far.
SM and Malaysian Studies project so far, no progress at all. LoL.
After test 1, I started to get lazy when in lecture of Facilities Engineering/Drilling. Time to catchup.......

The weather is very hot lately, before this was raining everyday.
I want CENDOL!

The hottest issue lately will surely on the possibility of a new government in Malaysia?
If it really happen, can Anwar go far? Are those PR people actually have the capability to become Minister?
We just have to wait and see.
Hope for a better Malaysia for Malaysians!