Thursday, September 18, 2008

Raya break soon......

Raya break soon at last, its good that I will have around 12 days to spare at home.
What should I do by then? Follow up my ANSYS modelling? Or throw everything aside, just stay at home n relax?

I'm glad I made it thus far, I started to see some progress in my FYP.
Facilities Engineering project is going well so far.
SM and Malaysian Studies project so far, no progress at all. LoL.
After test 1, I started to get lazy when in lecture of Facilities Engineering/Drilling. Time to catchup.......

The weather is very hot lately, before this was raining everyday.
I want CENDOL!

The hottest issue lately will surely on the possibility of a new government in Malaysia?
If it really happen, can Anwar go far? Are those PR people actually have the capability to become Minister?
We just have to wait and see.
Hope for a better Malaysia for Malaysians!


♥ Karen ♥ said...

Hi Kha Loon! Thank for your comment.
Hehe your answer yet another question to me but I think I get it! At least I know what to do at current stage! I must work harder and smarter!

Good to hear you doing fine with your FYP! Jia you!
I am rushing to pass up draft next week. So that I can do correction during raya. So I'm not gonna back Ipoh for raya and can't participate 'HAPPY & YOU', send my regards to all the friends yea ^^

You want cendol? Then come Melaka claim! I found one very delicious cendol at town d ^^

Kha Loon said...

Oh ya...its already week 11 for you all.
I just submitted my progress report a week ago.
Ya, the interim report will be the next big thing for me too.

"Happy & You", well I may not go too.....

Melaka cendol? Sure, I will come one day........if u still in Melaka that time.