Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mid of November 2008

I have spent few days at home relaxing and studying........its really a great recharge I must say.
I watched a lot of tv these few days.
I watched Andy Murray tapao Roger Federer. Hopefully Djokovic can win the title this Nadal is out for the time being.

MCA new line up is something interesting to me too, I wonder how the drama can sum up to in the upcoming few months? Gonna be something interesting. A more competent party is certainly good for the country. They fight fight fight, hopefully we as the citizenship get the benefit.

Manchester United tapao Stoke City 5 -0.
What a great debut by Danny Welbeck, and again Cristiano Ronaldo is superb as usual.

Arsenal slipped at Emirates again, I wonder how the mood of Lam Lam and Yudan now?
Surely a lot different compared a week from now.


Anonymous said...

you have the potential to be a good reporter.
hopefully, next time, you can report some news on formula 1. I will very much appreciate that :)

Kha Loon said...

Reporter? lol.

Formula 1, read la.
Well, I dun like to see Hamilton won anyway.......