Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today, it was a great day.
Initially I expect only around 6 people to turn up.
That's what usually happen, because people tend to "release aeroplane" at last minute. Culture perhaps?

The attendance was impressive I would say, a total of 15 lengchais and lengluis turned up.
Everyone were happily singing, some of them even standing on the bench.

Then, there was a small birthday party for the Zi Ning and Jun Yip.
Now its the time to show the birthday boy/girl and the cake.
Fortunately, it didn't end as Small Pig was given a chance to "involve" too as her birthday also on December.
There are the only couples tonight..........and 13 others most probably are still single (and I'm one of them........)
There were 3 videos taken and I will need sometime to process them before upload to YouTube.
I must say Mandy, Fong Yee and MonQ really sing very well. Don't believe it? Wait for the video.

One thing I will have to avoid in the future. Today I was duet with Fong Yee with the song of 广岛之恋 and when I reviewed the video while at home, I look like a giant beside her.
Its either I have to find a way to "look" smaller asap or I will have to avoid standing beside a small size girl. 谁能救救我?


~ 叶 叶 的 旅 途~ said...

wow.. the photos..
haha..yr duet was nice.
Send me the videos,please
I want to upload it.

随风流浪者 said...

c u all de photo also feeling sad...
need 2 work, cant go...

MuK said... nice go sing K...
luckily i did't go if not mandy they all will fight down me...haha

叶子 said...


FoNG YEE@ 芳仪 said... time when back ipoh..v all go singk again...^^

Kha Loon said...

Sure thing.
Have time, we go sing again!

~ 叶 叶 的 旅 途~ said...

haha ..yaya..
u guys can really sing so well..^^