Saturday, January 24, 2009

赤壁 决战天下 + Kbox

I went to watch 赤壁 决战天下 (Red Cliff 2) with Lionel yesterday. Surprisingly, the people turned up for the movie was not many. In the whole theater room, it was like around a total of 25 people only. Maybe it was 5:20pm show?
The movie was kinda nice. 孔明 as usual very calm, steady and smart. And he is very handsome......
As the war scene commenced, I started to think of the similiar scene in LOTR - Return of the King. I know its unfair to compare them as more budget was allocated for LOTR compared to this movie. Overall, this does showed how 吴 and 蜀 fight again 曹贼 (I guess this name suit him though).
Never expect the wind will change direction in one night, the power of weather?
Never expect 40 thousand of soldiers can demolish a team of more than 100 thousand soldiers.
Never expect the movie ended where it seem all the 3 parties considered as loser.
Never expect.........and.............
I guess you better go to your nearest cinema and give it a try.
I spent my RM8 for this movie and I must say it pretty worth it. At least better than the money I spent on Cloverfield a year ago.

8pm, 5 of us went into Kbox Parade for a karaoke session till 2am.
I guess I been visiting Kbox often lately........I not sure if I already addicted to it....
Time to refrain myself to Kbox/Ebox in the near future, at least my wallet will feel better.

It was a great night with the companion of Lionel, Lynn, May and Tracy.
Lionel basically knows a lot songs and he sang pretty well! Gonna drag him together often in the future.
Lynn, she really can sing those songs with high key. I mean very high key! That's something I can never do in my life.
May, some of the songs she sang must have reminded her painful experience on the previous relationship but yet she still sing very well! To me, she sings better than 那英!
Tracy, as usual she can sings all kind of songs. Oldies, new songs, english, cantonese, mandarin, hokkien, low key, high key........都没问题!Maybe she should enter singing competition?
While myself, as usual nothing special, so no comment about my singing.

No photos and videos for yesterday night karaoke session as I didn't bring along my digital camera along.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends who reading this!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Manchester United

Pictures said it all. It is my first ever original Manchester United jersey. I have few of Manchester jerseys but none of it are genuine.
I love my purchase and I believe it will be a good Chinese New Year gift for myself.

If I have more money, I would order the RED home jersey. RED home jersey could cost me more than RM350 with name and champion league batch on it.

I'm a Manchester United fan since I was 7 years old. Man Utd you rocks!
I will be there in Bukit Jalil stadium on 26th of July 2009 !!!! I don't mind if you trash Malaysia team, bring the strongest team here and show to Malaysia fans how good you are!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Unforgettable Karaoke Session

This was a special day. My FYP (final year project) supervisor - Rahmat invited me for a karaoke session. Have your supervisor ever did that to you? Stunning isn't it? Trust me, you will be more stunned after you watch the videos below.
It was a great few hours with Rahmat, Yoke Mun, Leonard and William.

Photos below were captured at K-box, Kinta City, Ipoh.
Enjoy the photos but make sure you will have a glance on the videos below.
He is my FYP supervisor, the lecturer I salute the most in Universiti Teknologi Petronas, and he is a malay !

美里之旅 - 最后一夜

离开 Mulu 后,在美里度过了一夜。这晚都在休息,也很早睡觉了。。。。。





Lionel 说这个汁很棒,类似排骨王的酱汁!




非常谢谢 Reena 与一家人的照顾!食物很棒,美里也很棒!



Mulu - Final Day

In the morning, we went to Explore Cave. What is it all about? Basically we took a boat ride to the cave entrance and proceed with the cave exploration. We wore helmets with LED torchlight and it was a very challenging attempt. We have to climb rope to go higher location, lower location in the cave. I did slipped, I slightly injured my elbows, knees........ Not very serious but it was a very fun experience. No photo inside the cave as it was too dangerous, I didn't bring my camera along, in order to concentrate as any mistake may cost some serious injury.........
In the cave, basically everything is dark. Lots of BAT shit (guano, is that the spelling?) on the ground.......
早上,我们参加了山洞冒险之旅。我们搭了船去目的地。在洞里我们需要带装了LED 灯的头盔,在洞里真的很刺激!我也滑倒了,弄到手肘,膝盖都是擦伤。。。伤势不是很严重但这是一个难得的经验。在洞里没有拍任何照片因为很危险,任何闪失都会造成严重伤害。。。。。。

Now I'm gonna elaborate about the meal available in Mulupark cafe. You can have a look at the photo below for all the food selling there. Price isn't cheap, well that's the price at major tourist spot.....Especially inside a jungle.
现在我要介绍 Mulupark 餐馆有卖的食物。以下的照片有列出在那里售卖的食物。价钱不便宜,也是正常啦因为Mulu 是一个旅游景点。
I have ordered "Fish fillet in spicy tom yam" and "Banana Crush" for my final lunch in Mulupark for this trip. The tom yam cost me RM12 while Banana Crush cost me RM6.
在这次旅行的最后午餐,我点了 tom yam 鱼 和 Banana Crush。

I feel the soup is pretty spicy even though I can take very spicy food.. It will be too much for those people who can't take spicy food. It is a no go if you not spicy food taker like me. I love it though, it state quite well.
Tom Yam 鱼真的很辣,我可是以为很吃得辣的人。如果你不能吃辣,不要选这个食物。我喜欢它的汤汁,很刺激!
Banana Crush. Its just ok.......

Beef Rendang, took it on day two dinner

Allen + Derrick + Lionel + Kenny + Vitek + Rob

We packed up and left to Mulu Airport to take our flight back to Miri. We took a cab which cost us RM5/pax.
我们打包行李,去了 Mulu 机场等飞机回美里。我们搭了计程车,一个人的消费是5零吉。

Mulu - Day Two

The day was started with Canopy Skywalk. Along the walkway, a big tree blocked the path way. We have to crawl in order to go through it.
今天的行程一开始,我们去了“空中独木桥”。 路途中,一棵倒了的大树挡住了我们的去路。我们需要慢慢的爬过去。。。。

After roughly of 20 minutes walk, we finally reached the destination for Canopy Skywalk. I believed we have walked more than 1.5km to reach there.

Below are the views throughout the Canopy Skywalk. The pathway really shaking all the time when people walking on it. Tour guide told us that only a maximum of 2 persons are allowed to walk on the pathway at once.

Due to rain pouring down again, we cannot join the trip to Garden of Eden. We just went to take our breakfast and pray the rain will stop soon. After our lunch at the cafe, we joined the trip to Lang Cave and Deer Cave sightseeing. It was our first official trip to a cave in Mulu.
[We gonna kick ourselves hard if we not visiting any caves while in Mulu!]
We were glad to have Jenny as our tour guide, she was really good. She pointed out what we can see throughout the trip, elaborated the plants well. We were glad to have Vitek and Jordi along the trip. Vitek is from Poland while Jordi from Australia.
又下雨了,我们的旅程又被迫终止。我们去用了早餐和祈祷雨快停。午餐后,我们去了 Lang Cave 和 “鹿洞” 的行程。我们很高兴有导游 - Jenny 的陪伴。她详细的解说,让我们知道很多昆虫,植物的名称。我们也看到了人骨头!这趟行程,我们也有波兰和澳洲朋友的加入。

These trees are poisonous. Triads use it to make weapon. You can guess what type of weapon will it be by looking at its shape.

Can you spot something different on these branches? [Hints, a type of insect]

Types of creature fighting inside this rainforest.

You see a bone there, don't you? Make a guess, animal or human bone?

Not sure what kind of tree is it but it does look beautiful.

See the big hole? That is Deer Cave.
看到那个大洞吗?那就是 “鹿洞”!
Vitek + Jordi + Derrick + 本人+Kenny + Lionel

Lang Cave
You can spot the different between these two photos?

Deer Cave 鹿洞

The view at Deer Cave entrance

A type of prawn?

The highest point tourists can visit in Deer Cave. The view is impressive!
One of the view inside the Deer Cave. I must say that it is impressive. The power of nature!

Last activity of the day, Bat Observatory.

Mulu - Day One

This is the plane we boarded to Mulu. Twin Fokker flight.....seriously its sux. I felt dizzy along the 30 minutes flight.

Mulupark Main Office

This was the room where we stayed. The name of the room is "Leopard Cave". Sound canggih isn't it? It cost us RM56/night/pax. Not a bad price for students, if you looking for cheaper rate I believe homestay is option for you.
这是我们住的房间,名字是“猎豹洞”。56块一晚,价钱是蛮公道。如果你要更便宜,就去找 “homestay” 吧。

Day 1 was not a good experience for us. Raining whole day, we can't go anywhere.
What we did was basically planning on what to do on Day 2 and Day 3.

Basically we spent our night with Maggi Mee Soup, biscuits and play Poker card.


Friday, January 16, 2009

美里之旅 - 第三天




下一站,Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort



原来 Reena 是会兵乓球。。。。。只是技术。。。。。。

一开始告诉我不会打球的 Lionel 竟然如此厉害!

Reena 是全能球员?












Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort 行程也告一段落,晚餐依然是赵伯母的拿手小菜,非常棒!