Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mulu - Final Day

In the morning, we went to Explore Cave. What is it all about? Basically we took a boat ride to the cave entrance and proceed with the cave exploration. We wore helmets with LED torchlight and it was a very challenging attempt. We have to climb rope to go higher location, lower location in the cave. I did slipped, I slightly injured my elbows, knees........ Not very serious but it was a very fun experience. No photo inside the cave as it was too dangerous, I didn't bring my camera along, in order to concentrate as any mistake may cost some serious injury.........
In the cave, basically everything is dark. Lots of BAT shit (guano, is that the spelling?) on the ground.......
早上,我们参加了山洞冒险之旅。我们搭了船去目的地。在洞里我们需要带装了LED 灯的头盔,在洞里真的很刺激!我也滑倒了,弄到手肘,膝盖都是擦伤。。。伤势不是很严重但这是一个难得的经验。在洞里没有拍任何照片因为很危险,任何闪失都会造成严重伤害。。。。。。

Now I'm gonna elaborate about the meal available in Mulupark cafe. You can have a look at the photo below for all the food selling there. Price isn't cheap, well that's the price at major tourist spot.....Especially inside a jungle.
现在我要介绍 Mulupark 餐馆有卖的食物。以下的照片有列出在那里售卖的食物。价钱不便宜,也是正常啦因为Mulu 是一个旅游景点。
I have ordered "Fish fillet in spicy tom yam" and "Banana Crush" for my final lunch in Mulupark for this trip. The tom yam cost me RM12 while Banana Crush cost me RM6.
在这次旅行的最后午餐,我点了 tom yam 鱼 和 Banana Crush。

I feel the soup is pretty spicy even though I can take very spicy food.. It will be too much for those people who can't take spicy food. It is a no go if you not spicy food taker like me. I love it though, it state quite well.
Tom Yam 鱼真的很辣,我可是以为很吃得辣的人。如果你不能吃辣,不要选这个食物。我喜欢它的汤汁,很刺激!
Banana Crush. Its just ok.......

Beef Rendang, took it on day two dinner

Allen + Derrick + Lionel + Kenny + Vitek + Rob

We packed up and left to Mulu Airport to take our flight back to Miri. We took a cab which cost us RM5/pax.
我们打包行李,去了 Mulu 机场等飞机回美里。我们搭了计程车,一个人的消费是5零吉。

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