Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Delighted days

Tuesday, 10th of February 2009
As usual I attended the lecture (I'm not class skipper) and waiting for my turn to meet my FYP supervisor. Even though the material I found may not help in performing current and wave load simulation I wish to deal with, I feel glad. At least certain level of progress is achieved.
I met Mr. Julendra, he is really an expert in ANSYS who willing to spend time to explain what I can do to approach the simulation in a more efficient way. I'm very glad that I received his guidance. The meeting was very useful, thanks Sze Wei for introducing him to me.
Now I have high confidence that my fyp will finish on time.
Perhaps it is the time to plan for graduation trip during June? Eastern Europe [Yew really poisoned me on this]?

Met Liang Yi last night. I'm glad that finally someone in UTP willing to takeover the XiaXiang team.
I feel really glad because as we are arriving at the new horizon [said by a joker last Saturday], we need to equip ourselves with more soft skills to have the equal opportunity to compete in this world. Xiaxiang would be a good platform to start, don't you agree?

Wednesday, 11th of February 2009
Woke up early to go find information online in library. Internet in the room is never reliable when want to access website like ScienceDirect for journal, etc.
The experience was not good because the internet there also slow, took ages to actually load few journals. I wonder if I manage to finish my fyp progress report draft by tomorrow.

Passed by Pocket D and saw donate blood campaign, without hesitation I went. During the body weight measurement, I'm glad I lost 3kg in the past few weeks. I not gonna how much I weight now, I only can say I'm heavy. Very heavy.......

Yew poisoned me to join him in a trip to Eastern Europe late June this year, I will seriously look into this. Need money for flight ticket, rail fare, etc.....Anyone willing to sponsor me?

Found a great post here by my friend - Jun Yip. I must say he is very creative.......Thumbs up !


Chemhoster said...

Yo, everything is coming up together beginning of new year!

Hope it lasts...

All the best!

Chemhoster said...

Go backpacking instead of traveling!'re freaking rich, so go for luxurious backpacking then...(What about backpack in Dubai? WTH...)

Kha Loon said...

Sure is backpacking lah....

Initially want to go Cambodia/Vietnam/ChiangMai....

Now my pal poison me to go Mid/Eastern Europe......
Who can lend me some money???