Monday, April 20, 2009


2009年4月19日,在 ASTRO AEC 晚上 9 时 开播了一个新节目。

节目 是 《 我来自新村 》。


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ipoh + Study

Surprisingly today after I woke up, went to down stair and saw my mother doing pizza and egg tart with her newly bought "machine".
I not able to snap photos start from beginning stage as when she was in that stage, I still in my dream.......

Here are the products!!!

Egg Tarts !

Sis in action

Surprisingly, the pizza isn't too bad. I must say it is quite nice. Maybe a lot cheese on it perhaps? Lots of ingredients on it, taste great ! [As usual, mama's food always the best]

Egg tart ? ehm... I guess next attempt would be better?

Enjoying the days at home, even though I'm still working on 2 reports, still I pretty happy and relax.
The next 2 weeks, will be my final 2 lecture weeks in UTP. I'm gonna treasure it a lot. Tests and projects due date coming soon, and "something" very important as well.

I have confident I will finish everything smoothly, I'm KhaLoon btw !!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009






Thursday, April 02, 2009

Final semester of university life

My final semester in UTP has been the most fascinating/special semester I ever had.

It is also the first time I skipped a whole week of lecture [never did that before, no more chance anyway, I'm graduating soon ]
I have moved into a new hostel, the room location is surprisingly good, no direct sunlight throughout the day, unlike previous semester room, like an oven......

The previous visit to UTP clinic before this semester was the first week I'm in UTP, that was July 2005 if not mistaken. This semester, I visited the clinic 5 times.....
I had mask on my face for the first time in my life. I'm glad I have fully recovered.

This semester I have a new diet. Most of the lecture started quite late, so I usually wake up around 9am. I skipped breakfast most of the time.......and take brunch around 4pm.....I will get really hungry.....Usually will try to hold till dinner.....Try to avoid supper in order not to get fat, hopefully I will continue stay healthy till I graduate.

For the first time, I have visited USM Engineering campus. It is the first engineering campus I visited, I must say it was a good experience. Comparing as what we have in UTP, we should feel grateful. [Somehow, pay a lot more tuition fees.....]

I have invested some money on my latest hobby, photography. So far I 'm very happy with my purchase and continuosly learning to equip myself with more photography skills.
Now I'm looking to replace my aging Sukami guitar with a new one. Yamaha? Santa Cruz? I gonna read more and try out those guitars within budget before buying one.
It is the time for me to pick up back my guitar skill. I like to sing, and now I hope I can play the song myself using a guitar.

Final Year Project has been my major concentration this semester, I think I have achieved the result targetted finally, now I just need to refine the result and come up with a "refined" version ASAP.

4 more weeks to complete all the lecture weeks I will have in UTP. Then, few more weeks to complete the final exam. Hopefully I can land a job before convocation.
It is the time to stay positive and focus, look forward.