Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bali - 2nd July 2009 Part 1

Day 2, we were having our breakfast at the inn. The breakfast sux I must say, eggs + toast + coffee + fruits. For the next 4 morning, we went through the same dishes.... I miss my wan tan mee....

The first destination of the day was Batu Bulan. We went for the Barong Dance. It was 80k per pax, that was nearly RM30, worth it or not? I only can tell you that I will not go for it again in the future.

Barong Dance, is it interesting? Well its not too bad.......but 2nd time? no way!

Sorry ladies, out of focus...huhu

This photo looks a lot better. I'm actually not very short eh... :P

Next stop, Batik shop and making process! Still in Batu Bulan area.

Next stop, we stopped at a named "CELUP". This area basically have many goldsmith shop.

Then, we went to Batuan to visit Painting shop. There are tons of them along the road. Woan Chin also bought a painting, I bet she loves it a lot !

Paintings with human posed in the shop

Paintings snapped around in the shop

Next stop, Goa Gajah!

Woan Chin, WC's toilet! Never expect to see this in Bali.

More to come!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bali - 1st July 2009

Few months back, few of us have decided to have a trip to Bali.
I'm not sure if it a good decision but I knew I should get a rest, who knows I may learnt something there. Basically I'm looking for inspiration. which is why I go to trips for the past few years.

The flight was departed from LCCT at 11:45am and landed safely at Denpasar Airport around 2:45pm. Due to heavy traffic inside the airport, we only managed to meet with driver at around 3:30pm. Its mainly because there were 4 flights landed at the same time. It took almost an hour to get clear from the custom.

Finally we met our driver, a friendly guy named Atori where I booked few weeks back through sms. He was driving a APV.

The traffic in Bali really "awesome". The car hardly pass 60km/h....... I can't remember how often I drive below 60km/h in Ipoh....

After a while, we have reached the budget hotel Woan Chin booked. Its Persona Beach Inn, located at Poppies Lane 1. Then, we dropped down our luggage and discussing where to take our dinner. Finally, we came to a conclusion that we want to try seafood at Sharkley, Jimbaran Bay.
Sharkley's Grilled Seafood

The view of Jimbaran Bay. Click on this for the full panorama view!

The guys posing.... Handsome betul!

I just love snapping sunset photos.......
Maybe because there is no beach nearby Ipoh, thus I hardly have such opportunity to do so.

Compilation of photos of us posing at the beach while waiting for dinner to be served.

Compilation of photos for the dinner. I have very bad skills in posing for food, gonna practice more.

After the dinner, we went back to Kuta and walked around the places. Most of the items selling at the shop there aren't any cheaper compared to those in Malaysia but it was an eye opener still. Surprisingly, McD Mcflurry is very cheap there. Usually it will cost around RM4 in Malaysia but it only cost RM2 there, a bargain if you ask me.

That's basically wrap up our first day in Bali !
Were we playing card that night? I can't remember......