Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bali - 2nd July 2009 Part 2

The journey continued with the next destination - Kintamani!

It took us quite sometime to reach Kintamani from Goa Gajah. Along the road we saw ladies holding stuff on their head. Remind me of what I watched on many Bollywood movies.

After an hour++ driving, finally we have arrived at Kintamani. Driver sent us to a restaurant for buffet and it has a great view of scenery.

Do check out the panorama view I made below.
Seriously I just love the view of this place.

Now we look into photos inside the restaurant.
So many innocent faces there it seem, especially the fourth photo. Photo of the Year !

Models posing at Kintamani Restaurant !

I guess we were lucky. We able to see Rainbow as well!

After spent sometime at Kintamani hill, next stop will be Kopi making farm.
The driver brought us to a place where we check out how the local Bali Coffee being made.
Surprisingly, it is made with a special method. It seem that the coffee bean that ate by Fox and shit out is the best quality.
See the picture to believe it.

Now its time to try make some coffee !

See the guy on the left, macho-Lam Lam. On the right was our driver - Atori.

Now this was the coffee I'm talking about. Luwak Coffee, expensive and they said its good. No comment. I still like Oldtown white Kopi !

Now we have some stunt shots!
Hey readers, don't try this at home!
These 2 uncles got train before!

Next stop, TampakSiring. Basically this place is a temple with a small market at the exit of it.

Always expect something hilarious from the trip and here I found something. LoL !!!

A bunch of girls from KL, not sure who they are though.....

Next stop, Tegalalang. It was not a good season to check out Tegalalang though........

Along our way to Jimbaran Bay for our "activity" that night, we met with a road show!

Then, we were at Jimbaran Bay for a full package spa session which was almost 2 hours. Around RM80 per person. The experience? Not bad.
My first time though.....
Wearing nothing except a paper underwear, at least the lady din say my body is "tebal"....Guess I'm not very fat still.....
Wonder how were the other 4 feel of the spa session?

Next, we back to Kuta for our dinner. It was around 10pm if not mistaken.

This was cruel but true...... It shows how the real person they are. If the one you meet usually isn't act like that, I bet he must be cheating on you.

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