Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bali - 3rd July 2009 Part 2

After our water session at Benoa Bay, we went to a place where are several temples located at the same area.
Along our journey, I spotted this car...

There were mosque, church, Hinduism and Buddhism temples around....

This is one of temple around, closed for renovation though....
Like this photo a lot....Especially the blue sky!

After, we went to see the biggest statue available in Bali - Vishnu
Again, I just love the blue sky so much!

Please look carefully at the photo, the focus was not on the ladies but on the macho man behind!

Another great product by Chelun and Macho Lam!

Then another part of the temple

Men in Black!

Lam Lam Solo!

Charlie Angels Kurang Satu

Ice Cream Session

Actually the Vishnu status is unfinished. They are completing it part by part, and will joint everything together soon. Now u see the hands of Vishnu.

Now this was the vehicle we been touring on for the past 3 days. Suzuki APV not too bad but hardly see them in Malaysia. Perhaps Avanza a better choice?

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