Monday, February 22, 2010

Taiwan - 11th July 2009 Part 3

Next station for our dinner, we arrived at "Banana Shop"
It took us more than 30 minutes ride from the park to this restaurant.....
Let see what so special of this restaurant.

Basically this restaurant is decorated with the "old taiwan" feel. So you can feel the how the street and life style of Taiwanese during 1940-50s........
I believe you seen these in movies before as well.

Next stop, we stopped by at 一中街, 中友百货。
This shopping centre is very special where all the toilets are specially designed. Thus you won't find any toilet with the same design in this building.

Let's visit the beautiful decorated toilet in this shopping centre.

The night wasn't end just yet.
I remember it was around 12am and we went to a yumcha place namely 鸟居.

The menu of the cafe.

Night view....wish I have a tripod with me though..... god....
What is Doris doing over there !!!!

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