Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taiwan - 12th July 2009 Part 1

First station of the day, it was at a restaurant nearby for brunch session.
The shop name is 希腊风情馆

Decoration inside the restaurant

Then we off to Science Exhibition Hall. There were few exhibitions on and it was great to see Taiwanese brought their children to visit them. Is it Malaysians doesn't seem bother this and don't bring their children to these places? Ehm....let have a thought of it.

This dinosaur is located at the main hall.

Inside the museum, we chosen to visit the Darwin Exhibition Hall firstly. I was not allow to snap any photos inside. It was a great session to me as Darwin is not a clear picture in my knowledge, now I learnt more about Darwin and his work.

Then we went to into animal museum.

Next station, Human Museum

Smokers' Lungs

Next Dinosaur Museum before it closed at 5pm

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