Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Taiwan - 8th July 2009

Woke up early in the morning, found the sky was so bright even at 6am....
Still not feeling very well, H1N1? Hope not....

In the noon, I went to Taipei Train Station again to meet up my friends in Taiwan.
Firstly, I must thank 小朱,育庭和文惠 for the companion throughout the days I had over there.
We went for a lunch together in the shop below
文惠 ,小朱


It seem Mr. Brown Coffee is pretty famous over there. Just like OldTown Kopitiam over here?

When I was snapping around, I was stopped by a guard who said I can't take photos inside the building. I bet they must be thinking that I'm stealing their design idea?

When we were on our way to our next destination after lunch, I saw this....
Seriously, 4 of us did took our turn to have a "taste" of it. How hilarious it was!

Next Station,

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

After that we met up a friend of 小朱, who is 小拆.
Then we heading to Taipei 101 which is nearby, can be reached by walking distance.....
Can be extremely far as the weather was humid and HOT !!!
It was 36 degree celcius for god sake!

Outside of Taipei 101, we saw these.....

There were also people doing some production by the roadside. Video Promo perhaps?

Hyatt Hotel

Then we came to KeeLung River Bank for some rest....
Ladies self portrait inside the bus - 公车
小拆 与 育庭

基隆 河畔

This was our last destination of the day.....
I did queued a long line for 胡椒饼,the taste was good till I have no time to snap a photos of it.
There were nice food I ate as well......except 猪血糕。。。
I'm not sure if that particular stall was so bad in preparing it or all 猪血糕 tastes so......
I simply can't take it at all !

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