Thursday, March 25, 2010

USM Convocation 2009

Karaoke Session by the famous singers - Yip, FongYee and Mandy!

Yew and Dory

The view from FongYee's room

A big mickey mouse, I bet he must have accompanied FongYee for many years.

Saw this on FongYee's table......
Wonder who will be lucky one to get this next?

Was glad to meet many of friends who were graduating from USM.

My Convocation next!

Manchester United Malaysia Tour 18/07/2009

The match was started around 5:30pm and many of us actually arrived there around 3pm!!!!
Stadium Bukit Jalil while its still pretty empty


Something to share with!

Chick holding a dslr, wearing a RED Devil Jersey!

Starting Lineup

Scholes, Berbatov, Anderson

Berbatov, Scholes, Rooney

Nani, Berbatov

Players in Action!

Scholes' Skill, Truly Amazing!

Rafael, Brown, Owen, Tosic sub in!

The match was ended with 3 - 2, Man Utd beat Malaysia Team.

That've put a dot to my 17 days non-stop activities, and I'm back to Ipoh again.......

Taiwan - 17th July 2009

Its my final day of Taiwan trip. After washed and dry all the clothes, I packed up and ready to leave this beautiful city for my next station, Bukit Jalil !

When I'm searching for my brunch, I saw this shop and gave it a try.
I wonder how good is the curry? Found that it isn't that spicy after all.
Maybe it was modified to suit the taiwanese favour?

The boss is a Malaysian. He's from Miri.
If you do drop by Taipei Gong Guan, do give him a try!
It was great to meet someone from our land there.

AirAsia Check In Counter at Taoyuan International Airport

This's gonna be the plane I broaded to back to Malaysia......

Byebye Taiwan!
Malaysia, I'm coming home!

Taiwan - 16th July 2009

In the early morning, I went to try out a breakfast namely 鳗鱼粥。
It was special because I never tried that before, it was expensive somehow.... NT90 which equivalent to RM10.00 !!!
The ladies there spoke Hokkien to me and I couldn't understand a single word, I explained to them that I'm not local and I'm from Malaysia.
Make a guess what they said to me?

"Malaysians? You must be very good in singing, right? Malaysians' singers are famous over here !"

I was speechless for a while and just smile n go.

Afterward, we went to try out the 干面 again mainly because it is good, or nothing else to eat anymore in Tainan ?

Due to sudden change in itinerary, I have to leave Tainan for Taipei in the evening.
Went to buy some souvenirs at 安平老街 and I'm off to 欣和客运 to take a bus to Taipei.
I'm back to Taipei National University Hostel again for my last night in Taiwan.

Even though I was sick (mainly coughing) but I couldn't resist the good food around the hostel.
I bought 炸鸡排,割包 and 西瓜汁 for my supper!

Taiwan - 15th July 2009

As usual days, we woke up late and the activities of the day were started at around 11am.
It was suggested that I should try out the local famous 杏仁豆腐冰。

We arrived at two shops.
One shop does look fancy while another does not look greatly in term of renovation.
The one with fancy renovation did have a sweet voice (or I should say GELI) and we gave them a try.




Well, I did felt that the 杏仁豆腐冰 I tried was not that great.....
I was told that the shop next to it was a lot better. Gonna give it a try if time still allow.....

Then, we took another long ride to 牛埔。
It took us quite sometime to reach there on a scooter.....

Man In Grey

Next Stop, 308 高地
Along the road, there are many longan trees along the roadside.
With my long arms, I just simply snatched them and ate it.
Some were sweets, some tasteless. It was a great experience nonetheless.

A view from the Top

We were really there!

This man really loves his country. Holding the Taiwan's flag tight!

Due to rain gonna pour down soon, we leaving the hill top then.

On our way down, we visited a temple there.

Another view from the top....
It seem rain really gonna pour down soon .........

The last activity of the day was karaoke session at Melody KTV, something which I am very bad at........

Doris was so shy to sing when she was in Malaysia back at December 2008 but when we were there, she was lively and even jump around like a bunny!

Tomorrow will be my last day in Tainan..........

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taiwan - 14th July 2009

It was my day 8 in Taiwan......and it seem time ticking fast.....

育庭 and I woke up early in the morning but somehow we not able to wake up Doris.....

We went out to get our breakfast.
干面 + 卤蛋。55块 新台币

Afterward, we looked around try to find breakfast for Doris who still sleeping at home.
育庭 brought me to a stall where soya bean and bun - 馒头 are famous of. He said that those soya sold by franchise shops isn't good, must find and dig for those local small street shop, those are best. Believe it or not? Depends on you though.....
It was around 1pm and rain dropping of the sky again.....

The rain did stopped around 4pm and we decided to go for Kaoshiung - 高雄 one night trip.

We passed by Gold Goast of Tainan, 黄金海岸 and off the ride to snap some photos.

After not sure how long ride of scooters.....we finally reached 高雄。

This was the place we went for our dinner

After that, we went for "ice"! This is what I always heard of in tv programme. Finally I'm given a chance to try them myself.




Then on scooters again back to Tainan. It was almost another an hour ++ journey with the cruising speed of around 60km/h.
I have never been so much time on a bike before......
It was a "great" experience somehow......