Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taiwan - 17th July 2009

Its my final day of Taiwan trip. After washed and dry all the clothes, I packed up and ready to leave this beautiful city for my next station, Bukit Jalil !

When I'm searching for my brunch, I saw this shop and gave it a try.
I wonder how good is the curry? Found that it isn't that spicy after all.
Maybe it was modified to suit the taiwanese favour?

The boss is a Malaysian. He's from Miri.
If you do drop by Taipei Gong Guan, do give him a try!
It was great to meet someone from our land there.

AirAsia Check In Counter at Taoyuan International Airport

This's gonna be the plane I broaded to back to Malaysia......

Byebye Taiwan!
Malaysia, I'm coming home!

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