Sunday, April 04, 2010

3rd and 4th of April 2010

3rd of April, it was a busy day for me. One of my colleague half day and another one went for some emergency task (instructed by me somehow...... I was a bit regretted but as long as it benefits the company, all the sweat I had worth it !)
I have arranged 5 cars to be released on the day when my colleagues were not around.
Its really like what I usually "wet liao then dry back, wet again......then dry back"

Basically I'm talking about my shirt because as I need to maneuver the whole company all the shirt, I tend to sweat ..... (who don't at this kind of weather?)

At night I had a dinner with Connie but somehow we can't find the italian food restaurant - Irish and we ended up at Josephine.
I have ordered a malay rice and honeydew juice, while Connie ordered Chocolate Cookie Coffee Latte.
We found out that the food not up to the standard with the money paid.
I wonder when will be my next visit to Josephine again.......
Then we went to Oval de Garden for a while, seriously I have never paid RM32 for a single class of beer.......
Still Oval is a good place to hang out, a live band and good environment. A bit hot though....
Was glad to meet Jansen, Yip, Eve, Elaine and Amanda there.
Maybe I too used to pay RM48 for a bucket of beer @ Haven.

4th April, I woke up early and drove my families to Sungkai to perform Sweep Grave ceremony.
We arrived around 8am, this year was special mainly because throughout my previous visit, I have never seen so many people and cars in that grave hill.
Is it suddenly all people remember their ancestors at the same time? So this year everyone come back and do their part?
It was really tiring and hot throughout the process, especially the heat radiated from the paper burning for my great grandmother. Basically I'm "wet" again.....
Due to the don't know what kind of information, I was told that we must leave the place before 10am as some of us are born on year of Rat. Thus, we left for breakfast at Sungkai town before 10am.
I never see Sungkai restaurant so crowded (just like grave hill)....
6 stalls, all very packed... Had our breakfast and we drove back to Ipoh again.

I did felt a bit sleepy throughout the way back to Ipoh, somehow with my "skill" I made it back to Ipoh safely.
Never really want to do anything today as don't feel very "energetic" after a tiring morning.

I did bought a leather shoes today, a pair of crocodiles leather shoes. Always think that should buy a good leather shoes because it will last me for quite some period, thus money isn't really a big concern in this matter.
Image quality not so good though... I miss my D90...

Now its the time to prepare for a new week of working life. Looking forward to improve myself further in term of self and business operation.

I want to be a BETTER MAN!

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