Friday, August 19, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The second half of year 2011 has been special for me.
The month of July was so unforgettable, just like roller coaster if you ask me.

The appearance of her in my life has never come into my thought before, it has brought significant change to my life. For once I was thinking "Are you sure? Are you joking with me? Me?????"

She actually did gave me a lot of confidence which I never possess before, telling me how "normal" I am. She is so true and brings many different dimension to my life, which I could never expect before. Her smile mesmerizes me, I feel helpless when looking at her, thinking of her. I wonder what will happen to me if God suddenly takes all these "things" away from me?

I started to understand the meaning of this post title, simple is the key.
I am very happy now and I know the things will just get better in the future.
I'm missing you so much and I hope you are doing very well over there.

There is only phrase which can described my feeling now, and only those who went XiaXiang with me before to Liman Kati should know !!!!