Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Flashback - Career

The year of 2011 started with a positive sign. Received my pay rise, a huge leap I must say, feel very grateful where my hardwork is being recognised by the management level.

The year started with company annual dinner.

Basiah & Hema

Basiah, Hon, Mun, Hema

Hema, Me, Basiah, Mun

I was so nerdy back then....I need to change...
but again I dun think I'm much different now either .....

After the CNY, as usual work piling up again. I never seem able to finish the work available.

Because of some work rearrangement, I am given the task to monitor all the collision repair works and procedures in Warna Bestari. That's add another task into my franchise repairing portfolio which will be boosted by another company later in the year.

Dealing with Proton Insurance Package is pretty much an easy task for me as I have vast experience dealing with Honda Insurance Package. I believe I have done well for the work in the Proton Edar 4S.

As months go, we able to add in Suzuki 3S into our business portfolio where I incharged of the after sales service. It was really a busy month as working on the service centre renovation, arrangement and preparation for grand opening on the 22nd of September 2011.

Way of Life !

Preparation for Grand Opening the day after

Suzuki Kizashi driven by the Deputy General Manager of Suzuki Malaysia Automobile

Few weeks back, few juniors of mine from UTP drop by to have an interview with me in completing their entrepreneurship project assignment. Glad to meet them.

Hopefully able to add in another two franchise after sales outlet into the portfolio soon, hopefully the year of 2012 can be a great one.

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