Saturday, January 28, 2012



Monday, January 23, 2012


I dun drink coffee much, especially Nescafe. Nescafe will make me feel very dizzy.....
Heavy dose of coffee in the evening will most likely set me with bright eyes at night, guess its really a strong heart rate increase agent for me.

Somehow, I have met several ladies in my life.....
They are totally opposite of me. They like coffee so much, they dun share the symptoms as I do.
One of them indirectly taught me how to enjoy the attractiveness of Starbucks coffee. I have benefited from AMEX promotion with coffee buy 1 free 1 , to try out several flavour of Starbucks coffee.

Now I'm starting slowly to learn the attractiveness of coffee....

Friday, January 13, 2012


Tons of pimples on the face, getting diarrhea.....

What a way to build up towards the CNY....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blood Donation

Headed to Pantai Puteri Hospital Ipoh today to donate blood. Basically just to contribute a little help to help him, hopefully he will recover fast.

I have never met his before but as I saw the advertisement in facebook, I think I shall lend him my hand.

What goes around, comes around.

More info can be found here

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A good day to start the year of 2012

Found one of my car tyre was punctured on the way out from home. Slowly drove to petrol station nearby to fully pump the inflated tyre before heading to any tyre shop nearby.

The day was started with meeting a client in the office, meeting someone under the hot sun on public holiday is not really what I want but that's life I guess.

Heading to tyre shop next to put my car over there for repair, while waiting for my buddy - Jun Yip to come pick me up for lunch. After boarded the ride, I only knew we were heading to 大树脚 for a nice lunch with some old friends.

Looking at the waiting list !!!

The weather was seriously hot, else the uncle won't take off his shirt....
Sexy !!!

Another part to remember during the lunch where we heard a fat cute young boy said
Looking at him, we couldn't stop laughing. Have he ever hungry before?

It was really a fun lunch, we chat a lot and its reminded me how joyful it is to spend time with old friends. You all are the best!
Wen Chiao, Jun Yip, Wing Keong, Wei Lun, Yi Sheue & Lip Looi.

Next, we headed for 新鸿记糖水美食店 for some desserts.
I got my 黑糯米. Simply amazing!!!

Then, we continued our chatting session and suddenly Yi Sheue suggested we shall go for exercise and after discussion, we decided to head to Kledang Hill for some nice hiking session.

4pm++, red hot sun and we were here. Looking at the scene of Ipoh city.
I am glad that I'm able to climb up to a certain high point and I will be there again to reach the peak soon.

Friends, thanks for the day. This has brighten me and shall prepare me to go much further in the year of 2012!